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salome-kernel  6.5.0
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SALOME_PyNode.PyScriptNode_i Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def execute
def Register
def UnRegister
def Destroy

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Detailed Description

The implementation of the PyScriptNode CORBA IDL that executes a script

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def SALOME_PyNode.PyScriptNode_i.__init__ (   self,
Initialize the node : compilation in the local context

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00083   def __init__(self, nodeName,code,poa,my_container):
00084     """Initialize the node : compilation in the local context"""
00085     Generic.__init__(self,poa)
00086     self.nodeName=nodeName
00087     self.code=code
00088     self.my_container=my_container._container
00089     linecache.cache[nodeName]=0,None,string.split(code,'\n'),nodeName
00090     self.ccode=compile(code,nodeName,'exec')
00091     self.context={}
00092     self.context["my_container"] = self.my_container

Member Function Documentation

def SALOME_PyNode.Generic.Destroy (   self) [inherited]

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00050   def Destroy(self):
00051     print "WARNING SALOME::GenericObj::Destroy() function is obsolete! Use UnRegister() instead."
00052     self.UnRegister()

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def SALOME_PyNode.PyScriptNode_i.execute (   self,
Execute the script stored in attribute ccode with pickled args (argsin)

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00094   def execute(self,outargsname,argsin):
00095     """Execute the script stored in attribute ccode with pickled args (argsin)"""
00096     try:
00097       argsname,kws=cPickle.loads(argsin)
00098       self.context.update(kws)
00099       exec self.ccode in self.context
00100       argsout=[]
00101       for arg in outargsname:
00102         if not self.context.has_key(arg):
00103           raise KeyError("There is no variable %s in context" % arg)
00104         argsout.append(self.context[arg])
00105       argsout=cPickle.dumps(tuple(argsout),-1)
00106       return argsout
00107     except:
00108       exc_typ,exc_val,exc_fr=sys.exc_info()
00109       l=traceback.format_exception(exc_typ,exc_val,exc_fr)
00110       raise SALOME.SALOME_Exception(SALOME.ExceptionStruct(SALOME.BAD_PARAM,"".join(l),"PyScriptNode: %s, outargsname: %s" % (self.nodeName,outargsname),0))

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def SALOME_PyNode.Generic.Register (   self) [inherited]

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00041   def Register(self):
00042     self.cnt+=1

def SALOME_PyNode.Generic.UnRegister (   self) [inherited]

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00044   def UnRegister(self):
00045     self.cnt-=1
00046     if self.cnt <= 0:
00047       oid=self.poa.servant_to_id(self)
00048       self.poa.deactivate_object(oid)

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Member Data Documentation

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