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salome-kernel  6.5.0
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PalmCouplingPolicy Class Reference

#include <PalmCouplingPolicy.hxx>

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class  InternalDataIdContainer

Public Types

typedef CORBA::Long TimeType
typedef CORBA::Long TagType
typedef std::pair< TimeType,
< TimeType, TagType

Public Member Functions

filtre_conversionget_filtre_convert_TIME ()
filtre_conversionget_filtre_convert_TAG ()
TimeType getTime (const DataId &dataId) const
TagType getTag (const DataId &dataId) const
template<typename Container >
bool isDataIdConveniant (Container &storedDatas, const typename Container::key_type &expectedDataId, bool &isEqual, bool &isBounded, typename Container::iterator &wDataIt1) const
virtual void wakeupWaiting ()

Private Attributes

filtre_conversion filtre_convert_TIME
filtre_conversion filtre_convert_TAG


class InternalDataIdContainer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file PalmCouplingPolicy.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 62 of file PalmCouplingPolicy.hxx.

typedef CORBA::Long PalmCouplingPolicy::TagType

Definition at line 60 of file PalmCouplingPolicy.hxx.

typedef CORBA::Long PalmCouplingPolicy::TimeType

Definition at line 59 of file PalmCouplingPolicy.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 54 of file PalmCouplingPolicy.hxx.

{ return &filtre_convert_TAG;  }

Here is the caller graph for this function:

Definition at line 53 of file PalmCouplingPolicy.hxx.

{ return &filtre_convert_TIME; }

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TagType PalmCouplingPolicy::getTag ( const DataId dataId) const [inline]

Definition at line 65 of file PalmCouplingPolicy.hxx.

{ return dataId.second;}
TimeType PalmCouplingPolicy::getTime ( const DataId dataId) const [inline]

Definition at line 64 of file PalmCouplingPolicy.hxx.

{ return dataId.first;}
template<typename Container >
bool CouplingPolicy::isDataIdConveniant ( Container &  storedDatas,
const typename Container::key_type &  expectedDataId,
bool isEqual,
bool isBounded,
typename Container::iterator &  wDataIt1 
) const [inline, inherited]

Definition at line 77 of file CouplingPolicy.hxx.

    typedef typename Container::key_type   key_type;
    typedef typename Container::value_type value_type;
    typedef typename Container::iterator iterator;
    isBounded = false;
    FindKeyPredicate<value_type> fkp(expectedDataId);
    wDataIt1  = std::find_if(storedDatas.begin(),storedDatas.end(),fkp);
    isEqual   = (wDataIt1 != storedDatas.end());
    std::cout << "-------- Generic isDataIdConvenient : isEqual : " << isEqual << " , isBounded " << isBounded << std::endl;
    return isEqual || isBounded;
virtual void CouplingPolicy::wakeupWaiting ( ) [inline, virtual, inherited]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class InternalDataIdContainer [friend]

Definition at line 50 of file PalmCouplingPolicy.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 46 of file PalmCouplingPolicy.hxx.

Definition at line 44 of file PalmCouplingPolicy.hxx.

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