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salome-kernel  6.5.0
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KERNEL_PY.kernel.parametric.study_exchange_vars.ExchangeVariables Class Reference

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def __init__
def saveToXmlFile

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

This class describes "Exchange Variables", i.e. a structure containing all
the necessary information to exchange variables between a supervision code
and a computation code.

.. attribute:: inputVarList

   This instance attribute is a list of :class:`Variable` objects,
   describing the input variables for the computation code.

.. attribute:: outputVarList

   This instance attribute is a list of :class:`Variable` objects,
   describing the output variables for the computation code.

.. attribute:: refEntry

   This instance attribute is optional and can be used to store a
   reference to a Salome entry containing an "Exchange Variable" SObject
   that was used to build this one (when the current object has been built
   by selecting variables of interest in a list of potential variables).

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def KERNEL_PY.kernel.parametric.study_exchange_vars.ExchangeVariables.__init__ (   self,
  inputVarList = [],
  outputVarList = [],
  refEntry = None 

Definition at line 78 of file

00079                  refEntry = None):
00080         self.inputVarList = inputVarList
00081         self.outputVarList = outputVarList
00082         self.refEntry = refEntry

Member Function Documentation

Save this object to an XML file.
:type  filepath: string
:param filepath: path of the XML file.

Definition at line 83 of file

00084     def saveToXmlFile(self, filepath):
00085         """
00086         Save this object to an XML file.
00088         :type  filepath: string
00089         :param filepath: path of the XML file.
00091         """
00092         doc = getDOMImplementation().createDocument(None, "variables", None)
00093         top_el = doc.documentElement
00094         top_el.setAttribute("version", "6.4")
00095         input_variables_el = doc.createElement("input_variables")
00096         top_el.appendChild(input_variables_el)
00097         output_variables_el = doc.createElement("output_variables")
00098         top_el.appendChild(output_variables_el)
00099         for input_var in self.inputVarList:
00100             input_var_el = doc.createElement("variable")
00101             input_var_el.setAttribute("name",
00102             input_variables_el.appendChild(input_var_el)
00103         for output_var in self.outputVarList:
00104             output_var_el = doc.createElement("variable")
00105             output_var_el.setAttribute("name",
00106             output_variables_el.appendChild(output_var_el)
00107         f = open(filepath, "w")
00108         f.write(doc.toprettyxml(indent = "  "))
00109         f.close()

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