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salome-kernel  6.5.0
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SALOMEDSImpl_StudyBuilder.cxx File Reference
#include "SALOMEDSImpl_Attributes.hxx"
#include "SALOMEDSImpl_Study.hxx"
#include "SALOMEDSImpl_StudyBuilder.hxx"
#include "SALOMEDSImpl_SObject.hxx"
#include "SALOMEDSImpl_SComponent.hxx"
#include "SALOMEDSImpl_Tool.hxx"
#include "SALOMEDSImpl_ChildNodeIterator.hxx"
#include "DF_ChildIterator.hxx"
#include "DF_Label.hxx"
#include <HDFOI.hxx>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

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#define USE_CASE_LABEL_TAG   2
#define DIRECTORYID   16661
#define FILELOCALID   26662


static void Translate_persistentID_to_IOR (DF_Label &Lab, SALOMEDSImpl_Driver *driver, bool isMultiFile, bool isASCII)
 Function : Translate_persistentID_to_IOR Purpose :

Define Documentation

#define DIRECTORYID   16661

Definition at line 43 of file SALOMEDSImpl_StudyBuilder.cxx.

#define FILELOCALID   26662

Definition at line 44 of file SALOMEDSImpl_StudyBuilder.cxx.

#define USE_CASE_LABEL_TAG   2

Definition at line 42 of file SALOMEDSImpl_StudyBuilder.cxx.

Function Documentation

static void Translate_persistentID_to_IOR ( DF_Label Lab,
SALOMEDSImpl_Driver *  driver,
bool  isMultiFile,
bool  isASCII 
) [static]

Function : Translate_persistentID_to_IOR Purpose :

Definition at line 994 of file SALOMEDSImpl_StudyBuilder.cxx.

  if(driver == NULL) return;
  DF_ChildIterator  itchild (Lab);
  for (; itchild.More(); itchild.Next()) {
    DF_Label current = itchild.Value();
    SALOMEDSImpl_AttributePersistentRef* Att = NULL;
    if ((Att=(SALOMEDSImpl_AttributePersistentRef*)current.FindAttribute(SALOMEDSImpl_AttributePersistentRef::GetID()))) {  

      SALOMEDSImpl_AttributeLocalID* anID = NULL;
      if ((anID=(SALOMEDSImpl_AttributeLocalID*)current.FindAttribute(SALOMEDSImpl_AttributeLocalID::GetID()))) 
        if (anID->Value() == FILELOCALID) continue;   //SRN: This attribute store a file name, skip it 

      std::string persist_ref = Att->Value();
      SALOMEDSImpl_SObject so = SALOMEDSImpl_Study::SObject(current);
      std::string ior_string = driver->LocalPersistentIDToIOR(so, 
      SALOMEDSImpl_AttributeIOR::Set (current, ior_string); 
    Translate_persistentID_to_IOR (current, driver, isMultiFile, isASCII);

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