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salome-gui  6.5.0
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EVENT_EXPORT Protocol Reference

Event filter class for QApplication object that handles custom events posted by SALOME_Event objects. More...

#include <SALOME_Event.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SALOME_CustomEvent (int type)
 SALOME_CustomEvent (QEvent::Type type, void *data)
voiddata () const
void setData (void *data)
 SALOME_Event ()
virtual ~SALOME_Event ()
void ExecutePostedEvent ()
virtual void Execute ()=0
void process ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsSessionThread ()
static void Init ()
static void Destroy ()

Protected Member Functions

void processed ()
 SALOME_EventFilter ()
virtual ~SALOME_EventFilter ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void GetSessionThread ()

Private Member Functions

virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *o, QEvent *e)
 global event filter for qapplication
void processEvent (SALOME_Event *)

Private Attributes

 internal data
QSemaphore * mySemaphore
 internal semaphore

Static Private Attributes

static SALOME_EventFiltermyFilter

Detailed Description

Event filter class for QApplication object that handles custom events posted by SALOME_Event objects.

It assumes that such custom events are alwys posted, not sent. This event filter can be installed by any application that intends to use SALOME_Event mechanism asynchronously. This class replaced SalomeApp_EventFilter.

Definition at line 34 of file SALOME_Event.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual EVENT_EXPORT::~SALOME_Event ( ) [virtual]
virtual EVENT_EXPORT::~SALOME_EventFilter ( ) [protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

static void EVENT_EXPORT::Destroy ( ) [static]
virtual bool EVENT_EXPORT::eventFilter ( QObject o,
QEvent *  e 
) [private, virtual]

global event filter for qapplication

virtual void EVENT_EXPORT::Execute ( ) [pure virtual]
static void EVENT_EXPORT::GetSessionThread ( ) [static, protected]
static void EVENT_EXPORT::Init ( ) [static]
static bool EVENT_EXPORT::IsSessionThread ( ) [static]
void EVENT_EXPORT::processed ( ) [protected]
EVENT_EXPORT::SALOME_CustomEvent ( QEvent::Type  type,
void data 

Member Data Documentation

void* EVENT_EXPORT::d [private]

internal data

Definition at line 44 of file SALOME_Event.h.

Definition at line 54 of file SALOME_EventFilter.h.

QSemaphore* EVENT_EXPORT::mySemaphore [private]

internal semaphore

Definition at line 66 of file SALOME_Event.h.

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