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salome-gui  6.5.0
SALOME_Event Class Reference

The class which encapsulates data and functionality required for posting component-specific events to perform arbitrary operations in the main GUI thread. More...

Inherited by CloseEvent, InitEvent, PyInterp_ExecuteEvent, TActionEvent, TActionIdEvent, TActivateModuleEvent, TActivateView, TAddGlobalPrefEvent, TAddPrefEvent, TAddPrefParamEvent, TCloneView, TCloseView, TCreateActionEvent, TcreateActionGroupEvent, TCreateEmptyObjectEvent, TCreateMenuEvent, TCreateObjectEvent, TCreateSepEvent, TCreateToolEvent, TCreateView, TCreateViewWg, TDefMenuGroupEvent, TDumpViewEvent, TFindViews, TGetActiveComponentEvent, TGetActivePyModuleEvent, TGetActiveStudyIdEvent, TGetActiveStudyNameEvent, TGetActiveView, TGetBoolSettingEvent, TGetChildrenEvent, TGetColorEvent, TGetColorSettingEvent, TGetComponentNameEvent, TGetDblSettingEvent, TGetDesktopEvent, TGetExistingDirectoryEvent, TGetFileNameEvent, TGetIntSettingEvent, TGetMainFrameEvent, TGetMainMenuBarEvent, TGetNameEvent, TGetObjectBrowserEvent, TGetOpenFileNamesEvent, TGetPopupMenuEvent, TGetRefEvent, TGetRendererEvent, TGetRenderWindowEvent, TGetRenderWindowInteractorEvent, TGetSelectedEvent, TGetSelectionEvent, TGetSettingEvent, TGetStrSettingEvent, TGetStudyIdEvent, TGetToolTipEvent, TGetViews, TGetViewTitle, TGetViewType, TGroupAllViews, THasColorSettingEvent, THasDesktopEvent, TIsInViewerEvent, TIsModifiedEvent, TIsViewClosable, TIsViewVisible, TLoadIconEvent, TMemFun1ArgEvent< TObject, TRes, TArg, TStoreArg >, TMemFun2ArgEvent< TObject, TRes, TArg, TArg1, TStoreArg, TStoreArg1 >, TMemFunEvent< TObject, TRes >, TMoveView, TNeighbourViews, TPrefPropEvent, TPutInfoEvent, TRemoveChildEvent, TRemoveObjectEvent, TSetColorEvent, TSetIconEvent, TSetNameEvent, TSetRefEvent, TSetToolTipEvent, TSetViewTitle, TSplitView, TVoidMemFun1ArgEvent< TObject, TArg, TStoreArg >, TVoidMemFun2ArgEvent< TObject, TArg, TArg1, TStoreArg, TStoreArg1 >, and TVoidMemFunEvent< TObject >.

Detailed Description

The class which encapsulates data and functionality required for posting component-specific events to perform arbitrary operations in the main GUI thread.

SALOME_Event objects can be posted by any thread belonging to the GUI process.

It is necessary to derive a custom event class from SALOME_Event and re-implement virtual Execute() method. This method should actually perform the desirable operation. To pass all the required data to Execute() and store a return value, arbitrary data fields can be added to the custom event class. There is no need to protect such fields with a mutex, for only one thread working with a SALOME_Event object is active at any moment.


The method processed() is used by the desktop to signal that event processing has been completed.

To make all this work, it is necessary to call static method GetSessionThread() during the application initialization, i.e. from main() function. It is important to call this method from the primary application thread.


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