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salome-gui  6.5.0
OB_Browser Class Reference

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class  ToolTip
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It is called when there is a possibility that a tool tip should be shown and must decide whether there is a tool tip for the point in the widget that this QToolTip object relates to.

pos- point co-ordinates

Object browser widget which can be used to handle tree-like data model.

The class OB_Browser implements public API of an object browser widget that can be used to display arbitrary application data in a hierarchical form. It is based on Qt4 model/view architecture.

Object browser can be used with conjuction of any custom item model inherited from QAbstractItemModel class (see Qt 4 reference manual).

The class provides a functionality get/modify selection, drag-n-drop of the objects, etc.

Class Documentation

class OB_Browser::ToolTip

Tool tip for OB_Browser.

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