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salome-gui  6.5.0
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OCCViewer_ViewWindow.h File Reference
#include "OCCViewer.h"
#include "Qtx.h"
#include "SUIT_ViewWindow.h"
#include <gp_Pnt.hxx>
#include <V3d_Plane.hxx>
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struct  viewAspect
 Class : OCCViewer_AxisWidget Description : Axis tab widget of the "Graduated axis" dialog box. More...


typedef QList< viewAspectviewAspectList

Class Documentation

struct viewAspect

Definition at line 43 of file OCCViewer_ViewWindow.h.

Class Members
double atX
double atY
double atZ
double centerX
double centerY
double eyeX
double eyeY
double eyeZ
int gtColorBX
int gtColorBY
int gtColorBZ
int gtColorGX
int gtColorGY
int gtColorGZ
int gtColorRX
int gtColorRY
int gtColorRZ
bool gtDrawNameX
bool gtDrawNameY
bool gtDrawNameZ
bool gtDrawTickmarksX
bool gtDrawTickmarksY
bool gtDrawTickmarksZ
bool gtDrawValuesX
bool gtDrawValuesY
bool gtDrawValuesZ
bool gtIsVisible
int gtNameColorBX
int gtNameColorBY
int gtNameColorBZ
int gtNameColorGX
int gtNameColorGY
int gtNameColorGZ
int gtNameColorRX
int gtNameColorRY
int gtNameColorRZ
QString gtNameX
QString gtNameY
QString gtNameZ
int gtNbValuesX
int gtNbValuesY
int gtNbValuesZ
int gtOffsetX
int gtOffsetY
int gtOffsetZ
int gtTickmarkLengthX
int gtTickmarkLengthY
int gtTickmarkLengthZ
bool isVisible
QString name
double projX
double projY
double projZ
double scale
double scaleX
double scaleY
double scaleZ
double size
double twist

Typedef Documentation

typedef QList<viewAspect> viewAspectList

Definition at line 108 of file OCCViewer_ViewWindow.h.