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salome-gui  6.5.0
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OCCViewer_ViewPort3d.h File Reference
#include "OCCViewer_ViewPort.h"
#include "Qtx.h"
#include <V3d_View.hxx>
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 Class : OCCViewer_AxisWidget Description : Axis tab widget of the "Graduated axis" dialog box. More...


class Handle (V3d_Viewer)
 Returns CasCade 3D viewer [ public ].

Function Documentation

class Handle ( V3d_Viewer  )

Returns CasCade 3D viewer [ public ].

Definition at line 184 of file OCCViewer_ViewPort3d.cxx.

  Handle(V3d_Viewer) viewer;
  if ( !activeView().IsNull() )
    viewer = activeView()->Viewer();
  return viewer;

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