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salome-geom  6.5.0
Public Member Functions
RepairGUI Class Reference

#include <RepairGUI.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RepairGUI (GeometryGUI *)
 ~RepairGUI ()
bool OnGUIEvent (int, SUIT_Desktop *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file RepairGUI.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RepairGUI::RepairGUI ( GeometryGUI *  parent)

Definition at line 52 of file RepairGUI.cxx.

  : GEOMGUI( parent )

Definition at line 61 of file RepairGUI.cxx.


Member Function Documentation

bool RepairGUI::OnGUIEvent ( int  theCommandID,
SUIT_Desktop *  parent 

Definition at line 70 of file RepairGUI.cxx.

  SalomeApp_Application* app = getGeometryGUI()->getApp();
  if ( !app ) return false;


  QDialog* aDlg = NULL;
  switch (theCommandID) {
  case GEOMOp::OpSewing:           aDlg = new RepairGUI_SewingDlg            (getGeometryGUI(), parent); break;
  case GEOMOp::OpGlueFaces: aDlg = new RepairGUI_GlueDlg (getGeometryGUI(), parent, false, TopAbs_FACE); break;
  case GEOMOp::OpGlueEdges: aDlg = new RepairGUI_GlueDlg (getGeometryGUI(), parent, false, TopAbs_EDGE); break;
  case GEOMOp::OpLimitTolerance:   aDlg = new RepairGUI_LimitToleranceDlg    (getGeometryGUI(), parent); break;
  case GEOMOp::OpSuppressFaces:    aDlg = new RepairGUI_SuppressFacesDlg     (getGeometryGUI(), parent); break;
  case GEOMOp::OpSuppressHoles:    aDlg = new RepairGUI_RemoveHolesDlg       (getGeometryGUI(), parent); break;
  case GEOMOp::OpShapeProcess:     aDlg = new RepairGUI_ShapeProcessDlg      (getGeometryGUI(), parent); break;
  case GEOMOp::OpCloseContour:     aDlg = new RepairGUI_CloseContourDlg      (getGeometryGUI(), parent); break;
  case GEOMOp::OpRemoveIntWires:   aDlg = new RepairGUI_RemoveIntWiresDlg    (getGeometryGUI(), parent); break;
  case GEOMOp::OpAddPointOnEdge:   aDlg = new RepairGUI_DivideEdgeDlg        (getGeometryGUI(), parent); break;
  case GEOMOp::OpFreeBoundaries:   aDlg = new RepairGUI_FreeBoundDlg         (getGeometryGUI(), parent); break;
  case GEOMOp::OpFreeFaces:        aDlg = new RepairGUI_FreeFacesDlg         (getGeometryGUI(), parent); break;
  case GEOMOp::OpOrientation:      aDlg = new RepairGUI_ChangeOrientationDlg (getGeometryGUI(), parent); break;
  case GEOMOp::OpRemoveExtraEdges: aDlg = new RepairGUI_RemoveExtraEdgesDlg  (getGeometryGUI(), parent); break;

  if (aDlg)

  return true;

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