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salome-geom  6.5.0
GEOMImpl_HealingDriver.cxx File Reference
#include <Standard_Stream.hxx>
#include <GEOMImpl_HealingDriver.hxx>
#include <GEOMImpl_Types.hxx>
#include <GEOMImpl_IHealing.hxx>
#include <GEOM_Function.hxx>
#include <GEOMImpl_GlueDriver.hxx>
#include <ShHealOper_ShapeProcess.hxx>
#include <ShHealOper_RemoveFace.hxx>
#include <ShHealOper_CloseContour.hxx>
#include <ShHealOper_RemoveInternalWires.hxx>
#include <ShHealOper_FillHoles.hxx>
#include <ShHealOper_Sewing.hxx>
#include <ShHealOper_EdgeDivide.hxx>
#include <ShHealOper_ChangeOrientation.hxx>
#include <BRep_Builder.hxx>
#include <TopExp.hxx>
#include <TopoDS.hxx>
#include <TopoDS_Iterator.hxx>
#include <TopTools_IndexedMapOfShape.hxx>
#include <TColStd_IndexedDataMapOfTransientTransient.hxx>
#include <TNaming_CopyShape.hxx>
#include <ShapeFix_ShapeTolerance.hxx>
#include <ShapeFix_Shape.hxx>
#include <BRepCheck_Analyzer.hxx>
#include <Precision.hxx>
#include <StdFail_NotDone.hxx>

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void raiseNotDoneExeption (const int theErrorStatus)
void SuppressFacesRec (const TopTools_SequenceOfShape &theShapesFaces, const TopoDS_Shape &theOriginalShape, TopoDS_Shape &theOutShape)
Handle_Standard_Type & 
GEOMImpl_HealingDriver_Type_ ()
const Handle (GEOMImpl_HealingDriver) Handle(GEOMImpl_HealingDriver)

Function Documentation

Standard_EXPORT Handle_Standard_Type& GEOMImpl_HealingDriver_Type_ ( )

Definition at line 512 of file GEOMImpl_HealingDriver.cxx.


  static Handle_Standard_Type aType1 = STANDARD_TYPE(TFunction_Driver);
  if ( aType1.IsNull()) aType1 = STANDARD_TYPE(TFunction_Driver);
  static Handle_Standard_Type aType2 = STANDARD_TYPE(MMgt_TShared);
  if ( aType2.IsNull()) aType2 = STANDARD_TYPE(MMgt_TShared);
  static Handle_Standard_Type aType3 = STANDARD_TYPE(Standard_Transient);
  if ( aType3.IsNull()) aType3 = STANDARD_TYPE(Standard_Transient);

  static Handle_Standard_Transient _Ancestors[]= {aType1,aType2,aType3,NULL};
  static Handle_Standard_Type _aType = new Standard_Type("GEOMImpl_HealingDriver",

  return _aType;

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Definition at line 538 of file GEOMImpl_HealingDriver.cxx.

  Handle(GEOMImpl_HealingDriver) _anOtherObject;

  if (!AnObject.IsNull()) {
     if (AnObject->IsKind(STANDARD_TYPE(GEOMImpl_HealingDriver))) {
       _anOtherObject = Handle(GEOMImpl_HealingDriver)((Handle(GEOMImpl_HealingDriver)&)AnObject);

  return _anOtherObject;

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void raiseNotDoneExeption ( const int  theErrorStatus)

Definition at line 62 of file GEOMImpl_HealingDriver.cxx.

  switch ( theErrorStatus )
  case ShHealOper_NotError:           StdFail_NotDone::Raise( "ShHealOper_NotError_msg" );
  case ShHealOper_InvalidParameters:  StdFail_NotDone::Raise( "ShHealOper_InvalidParameters_msg" );
  case ShHealOper_ErrorExecution:
  default:                            StdFail_NotDone::Raise( "ShHealOper_ErrorExecution_msg" );

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void SuppressFacesRec ( const TopTools_SequenceOfShape &  theShapesFaces,
const TopoDS_Shape &  theOriginalShape,
TopoDS_Shape &  theOutShape 

Definition at line 201 of file GEOMImpl_HealingDriver.cxx.

  if ((theOriginalShape.ShapeType() != TopAbs_COMPOUND &&
       theOriginalShape.ShapeType() != TopAbs_COMPSOLID))
    ShHealOper_RemoveFace aHealer (theOriginalShape);
    Standard_Boolean aResult = aHealer.Perform(theShapesFaces);

    if (aResult)
      theOutShape = aHealer.GetResultShape();
    BRep_Builder BB;
    TopoDS_Compound CC;

    TopTools_MapOfShape mapShape;
    TopoDS_Iterator It (theOriginalShape, Standard_True, Standard_True);

    for (; It.More(); It.Next()) {
      TopoDS_Shape aShape_i = It.Value();
      if (mapShape.Add(aShape_i)) {
        // check, if current shape contains at least one of faces to be removed
        bool isFound = false;
        TopTools_IndexedMapOfShape aShapes_i;
        TopExp::MapShapes(aShape_i, aShapes_i);
        for (int i = 1; i <= theShapesFaces.Length() && !isFound; i++) {
          const TopoDS_Shape& aFace_i = theShapesFaces.Value(i);
          if (aShapes_i.Contains(aFace_i)) isFound = true;
        if (isFound) {
          TopoDS_Shape anOutSh_i;
          SuppressFacesRec(theShapesFaces, aShape_i, anOutSh_i);
          if ( !anOutSh_i.IsNull() )
            BB.Add(CC, anOutSh_i);
        else {
          // nothing to do
          BB.Add(CC, aShape_i);
    theOutShape = CC;

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function: