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salome-geom  6.5.0
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GEOM_Engine.hxx File Reference
#include "GEOM_Application.hxx"
#include "GEOM_Object.hxx"
#include "GEOM_DataMapOfAsciiStringTransient.hxx"
#include <Basics_OCCTVersion.hxx>
#include <Interface_DataMapOfIntegerTransient.hxx>
#include <Resource_DataMapOfAsciiStringAsciiString.hxx>
#include <TDocStd_Document.hxx>
#include <TColStd_HArray1OfInteger.hxx>
#include <TColStd_HSequenceOfAsciiString.hxx>
#include <TDF_Label.hxx>
#include <map>
#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include <string>
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struct  TObjectData
 Data of GEOM_Object. More...
struct  TVariable
class  ObjectStates
class  GEOM_Engine


typedef std::vector< TVariableTState
typedef std::vector< TStateTAllStates
typedef std::map
< TCollection_AsciiString,
ObjectStates * > 
typedef std::map< int,
std::list< TDF_Label > > 

Class Documentation

struct TObjectData

Data of GEOM_Object.

Definition at line 52 of file GEOM_Engine.hxx.

Class Members
TCollection_AsciiString _entry
TCollection_AsciiString _name
TCollection_AsciiString _pyName
TCollection_AsciiString _studyEntry
bool _unpublished

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<TState> TAllStates

Definition at line 77 of file GEOM_Engine.hxx.

typedef std::map<int, std::list<TDF_Label> > TFreeLabelsList

Definition at line 98 of file GEOM_Engine.hxx.

typedef std::vector<TVariable> TState

Definition at line 76 of file GEOM_Engine.hxx.

typedef std::map<TCollection_AsciiString, ObjectStates* > TVariablesList

Definition at line 96 of file GEOM_Engine.hxx.