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radiance  4R0+20100331
otspecial.h File Reference
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#define T_IRR_IGN   T_SP1
#define T_OPAQUE   T_SP2
#define irr_ignore(t)   (ofun[t].flags & T_IRR_IGN)
#define isopaque(t)   (ofun[t].flags & T_OPAQUE)

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#define irr_ignore (   t)    (ofun[t].flags & T_IRR_IGN)

Definition at line 18 of file otspecial.h.

#define isopaque (   t)    (ofun[t].flags & T_OPAQUE)

Definition at line 20 of file otspecial.h.

#define T_IRR_IGN   T_SP1

Definition at line 13 of file otspecial.h.

#define T_OPAQUE   T_SP2

Definition at line 16 of file otspecial.h.