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python3.2  3.2.2
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unicodetype_db.h File Reference
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#define SHIFT   7


double _PyUnicode_ToNumeric (Py_UCS4 ch)
int _PyUnicode_IsWhitespace (register const Py_UCS4 ch)
int _PyUnicode_IsLinebreak (register const Py_UCS4 ch)


const _PyUnicode_TypeRecord _PyUnicode_TypeRecords []
static unsigned char index1 []
static unsigned char index2 []

Define Documentation

#define SHIFT   7

Definition at line 192 of file unicodetype_db.h.

Function Documentation

int _PyUnicode_IsLinebreak ( register const Py_UCS4  ch)

Definition at line 3392 of file unicodetype_db.h.

    switch (ch) {
    case 0x000A:
    case 0x000B:
    case 0x000C:
    case 0x000D:
    case 0x001C:
    case 0x001D:
    case 0x001E:
    case 0x0085:
    case 0x2028:
    case 0x2029:
        return 1;
    return 0;
int _PyUnicode_IsWhitespace ( register const Py_UCS4  ch)

Definition at line 3350 of file unicodetype_db.h.

    switch (ch) {
    case 0x0009:
    case 0x000A:
    case 0x000B:
    case 0x000C:
    case 0x000D:
    case 0x001C:
    case 0x001D:
    case 0x001E:
    case 0x001F:
    case 0x0020:
    case 0x0085:
    case 0x00A0:
    case 0x1680:
    case 0x180E:
    case 0x2000:
    case 0x2001:
    case 0x2002:
    case 0x2003:
    case 0x2004:
    case 0x2005:
    case 0x2006:
    case 0x2007:
    case 0x2008:
    case 0x2009:
    case 0x200A:
    case 0x2028:
    case 0x2029:
    case 0x202F:
    case 0x205F:
    case 0x3000:
        return 1;
    return 0;
double _PyUnicode_ToNumeric ( Py_UCS4  ch)

Definition at line 2049 of file unicodetype_db.h.

    switch (ch) {
    case 0x0F33:
        return (double) -1.0/2.0;
    case 0x0030:
    case 0x0660:
    case 0x06F0:
    case 0x07C0:
    case 0x0966:
    case 0x09E6:
    case 0x0A66:
    case 0x0AE6:
    case 0x0B66:
    case 0x0BE6:
    case 0x0C66:
    case 0x0C78:
    case 0x0CE6:
    case 0x0D66:
    case 0x0E50:
    case 0x0ED0:
    case 0x0F20:
    case 0x1040:
    case 0x1090:
    case 0x17E0:
    case 0x17F0:
    case 0x1810:
    case 0x1946:
    case 0x19D0:
    case 0x1A80:
    case 0x1A90:
    case 0x1B50:
    case 0x1BB0:
    case 0x1C40:
    case 0x1C50:
    case 0x2070:
    case 0x2080:
    case 0x2189:
    case 0x24EA:
    case 0x24FF:
    case 0x3007:
    case 0x96F6:
    case 0xA620:
    case 0xA6EF:
    case 0xA8D0:
    case 0xA900:
    case 0xA9D0:
    case 0xAA50:
    case 0xABF0:
    case 0xF9B2:
    case 0xFF10:
    case 0x1018A:
    case 0x104A0:
    case 0x11066:
    case 0x1D7CE:
    case 0x1D7D8:
    case 0x1D7E2:
    case 0x1D7EC:
    case 0x1D7F6:
    case 0x1F100:
    case 0x1F101:
        return (double) 0.0;
    case 0x0031:
    case 0x00B9:
    case 0x0661:
    case 0x06F1:
    case 0x07C1:
    case 0x0967:
    case 0x09E7:
    case 0x0A67:
    case 0x0AE7:
    case 0x0B67:
    case 0x0BE7:
    case 0x0C67:
    case 0x0C79:
    case 0x0C7C:
    case 0x0CE7:
    case 0x0D67:
    case 0x0E51:
    case 0x0ED1:
    case 0x0F21:
    case 0x1041:
    case 0x1091:
    case 0x1369:
    case 0x17E1:
    case 0x17F1:
    case 0x1811:
    case 0x1947:
    case 0x19D1:
    case 0x19DA:
    case 0x1A81:
    case 0x1A91:
    case 0x1B51:
    case 0x1BB1:
    case 0x1C41:
    case 0x1C51:
    case 0x2081:
    case 0x215F:
    case 0x2160:
    case 0x2170:
    case 0x2460:
    case 0x2474:
    case 0x2488:
    case 0x24F5:
    case 0x2776:
    case 0x2780:
    case 0x278A:
    case 0x3021:
    case 0x3192:
    case 0x3220:
    case 0x3280:
    case 0x4E00:
    case 0x58F1:
    case 0x58F9:
    case 0x5E7A:
    case 0x5F0C:
    case 0xA621:
    case 0xA6E6:
    case 0xA8D1:
    case 0xA901:
    case 0xA9D1:
    case 0xAA51:
    case 0xABF1:
    case 0xFF11:
    case 0x10107:
    case 0x10142:
    case 0x10158:
    case 0x10159:
    case 0x1015A:
    case 0x10320:
    case 0x103D1:
    case 0x104A1:
    case 0x10858:
    case 0x10916:
    case 0x10A40:
    case 0x10A7D:
    case 0x10B58:
    case 0x10B78:
    case 0x10E60:
    case 0x11052:
    case 0x11067:
    case 0x12415:
    case 0x1241E:
    case 0x1242C:
    case 0x12434:
    case 0x1244F:
    case 0x12458:
    case 0x1D360:
    case 0x1D7CF:
    case 0x1D7D9:
    case 0x1D7E3:
    case 0x1D7ED:
    case 0x1D7F7:
    case 0x1F102:
    case 0x2092A:
        return (double) 1.0;
    case 0x2152:
        return (double) 1.0/10.0;
    case 0x09F4:
    case 0x0B75:
    case 0xA833:
        return (double) 1.0/16.0;
    case 0x00BD:
    case 0x0B73:
    case 0x0D74:
    case 0x0F2A:
    case 0x2CFD:
    case 0xA831:
    case 0x10141:
    case 0x10175:
    case 0x10176:
    case 0x10E7B:
        return (double) 1.0/2.0;
    case 0x2153:
    case 0x10E7D:
    case 0x1245A:
    case 0x1245D:
        return (double) 1.0/3.0;
    case 0x00BC:
    case 0x09F7:
    case 0x0B72:
    case 0x0D73:
    case 0xA830:
    case 0x10140:
    case 0x10E7C:
    case 0x12460:
    case 0x12462:
        return (double) 1.0/4.0;
    case 0x2155:
        return (double) 1.0/5.0;
    case 0x2159:
    case 0x12461:
        return (double) 1.0/6.0;
    case 0x2150:
        return (double) 1.0/7.0;
    case 0x09F5:
    case 0x0B76:
    case 0x215B:
    case 0xA834:
    case 0x1245F:
        return (double) 1.0/8.0;
    case 0x2151:
        return (double) 1.0/9.0;
    case 0x0BF0:
    case 0x0D70:
    case 0x1372:
    case 0x2169:
    case 0x2179:
    case 0x2469:
    case 0x247D:
    case 0x2491:
    case 0x24FE:
    case 0x277F:
    case 0x2789:
    case 0x2793:
    case 0x3038:
    case 0x3229:
    case 0x3289:
    case 0x4EC0:
    case 0x5341:
    case 0x62FE:
    case 0xF973:
    case 0xF9FD:
    case 0x10110:
    case 0x10149:
    case 0x10150:
    case 0x10157:
    case 0x10160:
    case 0x10161:
    case 0x10162:
    case 0x10163:
    case 0x10164:
    case 0x10322:
    case 0x103D3:
    case 0x1085B:
    case 0x10917:
    case 0x10A44:
    case 0x10B5C:
    case 0x10B7C:
    case 0x10E69:
    case 0x1105B:
    case 0x1D369:
        return (double) 10.0;
    case 0x0BF1:
    case 0x0D71:
    case 0x137B:
    case 0x216D:
    case 0x217D:
    case 0x4F70:
    case 0x767E:
    case 0x964C:
    case 0x10119:
    case 0x1014B:
    case 0x10152:
    case 0x1016A:
    case 0x103D5:
    case 0x1085D:
    case 0x10919:
    case 0x10A46:
    case 0x10B5E:
    case 0x10B7E:
    case 0x10E72:
    case 0x11064:
        return (double) 100.0;
    case 0x0BF2:
    case 0x0D72:
    case 0x216F:
    case 0x217F:
    case 0x2180:
    case 0x4EDF:
    case 0x5343:
    case 0x9621:
    case 0x10122:
    case 0x1014D:
    case 0x10154:
    case 0x10171:
    case 0x1085E:
    case 0x10A47:
    case 0x10B5F:
    case 0x10B7F:
    case 0x11065:
        return (double) 1000.0;
    case 0x137C:
    case 0x2182:
    case 0x4E07:
    case 0x842C:
    case 0x1012B:
    case 0x10155:
    case 0x1085F:
        return (double) 10000.0;
    case 0x2188:
        return (double) 100000.0;
    case 0x4EBF:
    case 0x5104:
        return (double) 100000000.0;
    case 0x5146:
        return (double) 1000000000000.0;
    case 0x216A:
    case 0x217A:
    case 0x246A:
    case 0x247E:
    case 0x2492:
    case 0x24EB:
        return (double) 11.0;
    case 0x0F2F:
        return (double) 11.0/2.0;
    case 0x216B:
    case 0x217B:
    case 0x246B:
    case 0x247F:
    case 0x2493:
    case 0x24EC:
        return (double) 12.0;
    case 0x246C:
    case 0x2480:
    case 0x2494:
    case 0x24ED:
        return (double) 13.0;
    case 0x0F30:
        return (double) 13.0/2.0;
    case 0x246D:
    case 0x2481:
    case 0x2495:
    case 0x24EE:
        return (double) 14.0;
    case 0x246E:
    case 0x2482:
    case 0x2496:
    case 0x24EF:
        return (double) 15.0;
    case 0x0F31:
        return (double) 15.0/2.0;
    case 0x09F9:
    case 0x246F:
    case 0x2483:
    case 0x2497:
    case 0x24F0:
        return (double) 16.0;
    case 0x16EE:
    case 0x2470:
    case 0x2484:
    case 0x2498:
    case 0x24F1:
        return (double) 17.0;
    case 0x0F32:
        return (double) 17.0/2.0;
    case 0x16EF:
    case 0x2471:
    case 0x2485:
    case 0x2499:
    case 0x24F2:
        return (double) 18.0;
    case 0x16F0:
    case 0x2472:
    case 0x2486:
    case 0x249A:
    case 0x24F3:
        return (double) 19.0;
    case 0x0032:
    case 0x00B2:
    case 0x0662:
    case 0x06F2:
    case 0x07C2:
    case 0x0968:
    case 0x09E8:
    case 0x0A68:
    case 0x0AE8:
    case 0x0B68:
    case 0x0BE8:
    case 0x0C68:
    case 0x0C7A:
    case 0x0C7D:
    case 0x0CE8:
    case 0x0D68:
    case 0x0E52:
    case 0x0ED2:
    case 0x0F22:
    case 0x1042:
    case 0x1092:
    case 0x136A:
    case 0x17E2:
    case 0x17F2:
    case 0x1812:
    case 0x1948:
    case 0x19D2:
    case 0x1A82:
    case 0x1A92:
    case 0x1B52:
    case 0x1BB2:
    case 0x1C42:
    case 0x1C52:
    case 0x2082:
    case 0x2161:
    case 0x2171:
    case 0x2461:
    case 0x2475:
    case 0x2489:
    case 0x24F6:
    case 0x2777:
    case 0x2781:
    case 0x278B:
    case 0x3022:
    case 0x3193:
    case 0x3221:
    case 0x3281:
    case 0x3483:
    case 0x4E8C:
    case 0x5169:
    case 0x5F0D:
    case 0x5F10:
    case 0x8CAE:
    case 0x8CB3:
    case 0x8D30:
    case 0xA622:
    case 0xA6E7:
    case 0xA8D2:
    case 0xA902:
    case 0xA9D2:
    case 0xAA52:
    case 0xABF2:
    case 0xF978:
    case 0xFF12:
    case 0x10108:
    case 0x1015B:
    case 0x1015C:
    case 0x1015D:
    case 0x1015E:
    case 0x103D2:
    case 0x104A2:
    case 0x10859:
    case 0x1091A:
    case 0x10A41:
    case 0x10B59:
    case 0x10B79:
    case 0x10E61:
    case 0x11053:
    case 0x11068:
    case 0x12400:
    case 0x12416:
    case 0x1241F:
    case 0x12423:
    case 0x1242D:
    case 0x12435:
    case 0x1244A:
    case 0x12450:
    case 0x12459:
    case 0x1D361:
    case 0x1D7D0:
    case 0x1D7DA:
    case 0x1D7E4:
    case 0x1D7EE:
    case 0x1D7F8:
    case 0x1F103:
    case 0x22390:
        return (double) 2.0;
    case 0x2154:
    case 0x10177:
    case 0x10E7E:
    case 0x1245B:
    case 0x1245E:
        return (double) 2.0/3.0;
    case 0x2156:
        return (double) 2.0/5.0;
    case 0x1373:
    case 0x2473:
    case 0x2487:
    case 0x249B:
    case 0x24F4:
    case 0x3039:
    case 0x5344:
    case 0x5EFF:
    case 0x10111:
    case 0x103D4:
    case 0x1085C:
    case 0x10918:
    case 0x10A45:
    case 0x10B5D:
    case 0x10B7D:
    case 0x10E6A:
    case 0x1105C:
    case 0x1D36A:
        return (double) 20.0;
    case 0x1011A:
    case 0x10E73:
        return (double) 200.0;
    case 0x10123:
        return (double) 2000.0;
    case 0x1012C:
        return (double) 20000.0;
    case 0x3251:
        return (double) 21.0;
    case 0x3252:
        return (double) 22.0;
    case 0x3253:
        return (double) 23.0;
    case 0x3254:
        return (double) 24.0;
    case 0x3255:
        return (double) 25.0;
    case 0x3256:
        return (double) 26.0;
    case 0x3257:
        return (double) 27.0;
    case 0x3258:
        return (double) 28.0;
    case 0x3259:
        return (double) 29.0;
    case 0x0033:
    case 0x00B3:
    case 0x0663:
    case 0x06F3:
    case 0x07C3:
    case 0x0969:
    case 0x09E9:
    case 0x0A69:
    case 0x0AE9:
    case 0x0B69:
    case 0x0BE9:
    case 0x0C69:
    case 0x0C7B:
    case 0x0C7E:
    case 0x0CE9:
    case 0x0D69:
    case 0x0E53:
    case 0x0ED3:
    case 0x0F23:
    case 0x1043:
    case 0x1093:
    case 0x136B:
    case 0x17E3:
    case 0x17F3:
    case 0x1813:
    case 0x1949:
    case 0x19D3:
    case 0x1A83:
    case 0x1A93:
    case 0x1B53:
    case 0x1BB3:
    case 0x1C43:
    case 0x1C53:
    case 0x2083:
    case 0x2162:
    case 0x2172:
    case 0x2462:
    case 0x2476:
    case 0x248A:
    case 0x24F7:
    case 0x2778:
    case 0x2782:
    case 0x278C:
    case 0x3023:
    case 0x3194:
    case 0x3222:
    case 0x3282:
    case 0x4E09:
    case 0x4EE8:
    case 0x53C1:
    case 0x53C2:
    case 0x53C3:
    case 0x53C4:
    case 0x5F0E:
    case 0xA623:
    case 0xA6E8:
    case 0xA8D3:
    case 0xA903:
    case 0xA9D3:
    case 0xAA53:
    case 0xABF3:
    case 0xF96B:
    case 0xFF13:
    case 0x10109:
    case 0x104A3:
    case 0x1085A:
    case 0x1091B:
    case 0x10A42:
    case 0x10B5A:
    case 0x10B7A:
    case 0x10E62:
    case 0x11054:
    case 0x11069:
    case 0x12401:
    case 0x12408:
    case 0x12417:
    case 0x12420:
    case 0x12424:
    case 0x12425:
    case 0x1242E:
    case 0x1242F:
    case 0x12436:
    case 0x12437:
    case 0x1243A:
    case 0x1243B:
    case 0x1244B:
    case 0x12451:
    case 0x1D362:
    case 0x1D7D1:
    case 0x1D7DB:
    case 0x1D7E5:
    case 0x1D7EF:
    case 0x1D7F9:
    case 0x1F104:
    case 0x20AFD:
    case 0x20B19:
    case 0x22998:
    case 0x23B1B:
        return (double) 3.0;
    case 0x09F6:
    case 0x0B77:
    case 0xA835:
        return (double) 3.0/16.0;
    case 0x0F2B:
        return (double) 3.0/2.0;
    case 0x00BE:
    case 0x09F8:
    case 0x0B74:
    case 0x0D75:
    case 0xA832:
    case 0x10178:
        return (double) 3.0/4.0;
    case 0x2157:
        return (double) 3.0/5.0;
    case 0x215C:
        return (double) 3.0/8.0;
    case 0x1374:
    case 0x303A:
    case 0x325A:
    case 0x5345:
    case 0x10112:
    case 0x10165:
    case 0x10E6B:
    case 0x1105D:
    case 0x1D36B:
    case 0x20983:
        return (double) 30.0;
    case 0x1011B:
    case 0x1016B:
    case 0x10E74:
        return (double) 300.0;
    case 0x10124:
        return (double) 3000.0;
    case 0x1012D:
        return (double) 30000.0;
    case 0x325B:
        return (double) 31.0;
    case 0x325C:
        return (double) 32.0;
    case 0x325D:
        return (double) 33.0;
    case 0x325E:
        return (double) 34.0;
    case 0x325F:
        return (double) 35.0;
    case 0x32B1:
        return (double) 36.0;
    case 0x32B2:
        return (double) 37.0;
    case 0x32B3:
        return (double) 38.0;
    case 0x32B4:
        return (double) 39.0;
    case 0x0034:
    case 0x0664:
    case 0x06F4:
    case 0x07C4:
    case 0x096A:
    case 0x09EA:
    case 0x0A6A:
    case 0x0AEA:
    case 0x0B6A:
    case 0x0BEA:
    case 0x0C6A:
    case 0x0CEA:
    case 0x0D6A:
    case 0x0E54:
    case 0x0ED4:
    case 0x0F24:
    case 0x1044:
    case 0x1094:
    case 0x136C:
    case 0x17E4:
    case 0x17F4:
    case 0x1814:
    case 0x194A:
    case 0x19D4:
    case 0x1A84:
    case 0x1A94:
    case 0x1B54:
    case 0x1BB4:
    case 0x1C44:
    case 0x1C54:
    case 0x2074:
    case 0x2084:
    case 0x2163:
    case 0x2173:
    case 0x2463:
    case 0x2477:
    case 0x248B:
    case 0x24F8:
    case 0x2779:
    case 0x2783:
    case 0x278D:
    case 0x3024:
    case 0x3195:
    case 0x3223:
    case 0x3283:
    case 0x4E96:
    case 0x56DB:
    case 0x8086:
    case 0xA624:
    case 0xA6E9:
    case 0xA8D4:
    case 0xA904:
    case 0xA9D4:
    case 0xAA54:
    case 0xABF4:
    case 0xFF14:
    case 0x1010A:
    case 0x104A4:
    case 0x10A43:
    case 0x10B5B:
    case 0x10B7B:
    case 0x10E63:
    case 0x11055:
    case 0x1106A:
    case 0x12402:
    case 0x12409:
    case 0x1240F:
    case 0x12418:
    case 0x12421:
    case 0x12426:
    case 0x12430:
    case 0x12438:
    case 0x1243C:
    case 0x1243D:
    case 0x1243E:
    case 0x1243F:
    case 0x1244C:
    case 0x12452:
    case 0x12453:
    case 0x1D363:
    case 0x1D7D2:
    case 0x1D7DC:
    case 0x1D7E6:
    case 0x1D7F0:
    case 0x1D7FA:
    case 0x1F105:
    case 0x20064:
    case 0x200E2:
    case 0x2626D:
        return (double) 4.0;
    case 0x2158:
        return (double) 4.0/5.0;
    case 0x1375:
    case 0x32B5:
    case 0x534C:
    case 0x10113:
    case 0x10E6C:
    case 0x1105E:
    case 0x1D36C:
    case 0x2098C:
    case 0x2099C:
        return (double) 40.0;
    case 0x1011C:
    case 0x10E75:
        return (double) 400.0;
    case 0x10125:
        return (double) 4000.0;
    case 0x1012E:
        return (double) 40000.0;
    case 0x32B6:
        return (double) 41.0;
    case 0x32B7:
        return (double) 42.0;
    case 0x32B8:
        return (double) 43.0;
    case 0x32B9:
        return (double) 44.0;
    case 0x32BA:
        return (double) 45.0;
    case 0x32BB:
        return (double) 46.0;
    case 0x32BC:
        return (double) 47.0;
    case 0x32BD:
        return (double) 48.0;
    case 0x32BE:
        return (double) 49.0;
    case 0x0035:
    case 0x0665:
    case 0x06F5:
    case 0x07C5:
    case 0x096B:
    case 0x09EB:
    case 0x0A6B:
    case 0x0AEB:
    case 0x0B6B:
    case 0x0BEB:
    case 0x0C6B:
    case 0x0CEB:
    case 0x0D6B:
    case 0x0E55:
    case 0x0ED5:
    case 0x0F25:
    case 0x1045:
    case 0x1095:
    case 0x136D:
    case 0x17E5:
    case 0x17F5:
    case 0x1815:
    case 0x194B:
    case 0x19D5:
    case 0x1A85:
    case 0x1A95:
    case 0x1B55:
    case 0x1BB5:
    case 0x1C45:
    case 0x1C55:
    case 0x2075:
    case 0x2085:
    case 0x2164:
    case 0x2174:
    case 0x2464:
    case 0x2478:
    case 0x248C:
    case 0x24F9:
    case 0x277A:
    case 0x2784:
    case 0x278E:
    case 0x3025:
    case 0x3224:
    case 0x3284:
    case 0x3405:
    case 0x382A:
    case 0x4E94:
    case 0x4F0D:
    case 0xA625:
    case 0xA6EA:
    case 0xA8D5:
    case 0xA905:
    case 0xA9D5:
    case 0xAA55:
    case 0xABF5:
    case 0xFF15:
    case 0x1010B:
    case 0x10143:
    case 0x10148:
    case 0x1014F:
    case 0x1015F:
    case 0x10173:
    case 0x10321:
    case 0x104A5:
    case 0x10E64:
    case 0x11056:
    case 0x1106B:
    case 0x12403:
    case 0x1240A:
    case 0x12410:
    case 0x12419:
    case 0x12422:
    case 0x12427:
    case 0x12431:
    case 0x12439:
    case 0x1244D:
    case 0x12454:
    case 0x12455:
    case 0x1D364:
    case 0x1D7D3:
    case 0x1D7DD:
    case 0x1D7E7:
    case 0x1D7F1:
    case 0x1D7FB:
    case 0x1F106:
    case 0x20121:
        return (double) 5.0;
    case 0x0F2C:
        return (double) 5.0/2.0;
    case 0x215A:
    case 0x1245C:
        return (double) 5.0/6.0;
    case 0x215D:
        return (double) 5.0/8.0;
    case 0x1376:
    case 0x216C:
    case 0x217C:
    case 0x2186:
    case 0x32BF:
    case 0x10114:
    case 0x10144:
    case 0x1014A:
    case 0x10151:
    case 0x10166:
    case 0x10167:
    case 0x10168:
    case 0x10169:
    case 0x10174:
    case 0x10323:
    case 0x10A7E:
    case 0x10E6D:
    case 0x1105F:
    case 0x1D36D:
        return (double) 50.0;
    case 0x216E:
    case 0x217E:
    case 0x1011D:
    case 0x10145:
    case 0x1014C:
    case 0x10153:
    case 0x1016C:
    case 0x1016D:
    case 0x1016E:
    case 0x1016F:
    case 0x10170:
    case 0x10E76:
        return (double) 500.0;
    case 0x2181:
    case 0x10126:
    case 0x10146:
    case 0x1014E:
    case 0x10172:
        return (double) 5000.0;
    case 0x2187:
    case 0x1012F:
    case 0x10147:
    case 0x10156:
        return (double) 50000.0;
    case 0x0036:
    case 0x0666:
    case 0x06F6:
    case 0x07C6:
    case 0x096C:
    case 0x09EC:
    case 0x0A6C:
    case 0x0AEC:
    case 0x0B6C:
    case 0x0BEC:
    case 0x0C6C:
    case 0x0CEC:
    case 0x0D6C:
    case 0x0E56:
    case 0x0ED6:
    case 0x0F26:
    case 0x1046:
    case 0x1096:
    case 0x136E:
    case 0x17E6:
    case 0x17F6:
    case 0x1816:
    case 0x194C:
    case 0x19D6:
    case 0x1A86:
    case 0x1A96:
    case 0x1B56:
    case 0x1BB6:
    case 0x1C46:
    case 0x1C56:
    case 0x2076:
    case 0x2086:
    case 0x2165:
    case 0x2175:
    case 0x2185:
    case 0x2465:
    case 0x2479:
    case 0x248D:
    case 0x24FA:
    case 0x277B:
    case 0x2785:
    case 0x278F:
    case 0x3026:
    case 0x3225:
    case 0x3285:
    case 0x516D:
    case 0x9646:
    case 0x9678:
    case 0xA626:
    case 0xA6EB:
    case 0xA8D6:
    case 0xA906:
    case 0xA9D6:
    case 0xAA56:
    case 0xABF6:
    case 0xF9D1:
    case 0xF9D3:
    case 0xFF16:
    case 0x1010C:
    case 0x104A6:
    case 0x10E65:
    case 0x11057:
    case 0x1106C:
    case 0x12404:
    case 0x1240B:
    case 0x12411:
    case 0x1241A:
    case 0x12428:
    case 0x12440:
    case 0x1244E:
    case 0x1D365:
    case 0x1D7D4:
    case 0x1D7DE:
    case 0x1D7E8:
    case 0x1D7F2:
    case 0x1D7FC:
    case 0x1F107:
    case 0x20AEA:
        return (double) 6.0;
    case 0x1377:
    case 0x10115:
    case 0x10E6E:
    case 0x11060:
    case 0x1D36E:
        return (double) 60.0;
    case 0x1011E:
    case 0x10E77:
        return (double) 600.0;
    case 0x10127:
        return (double) 6000.0;
    case 0x10130:
        return (double) 60000.0;
    case 0x0037:
    case 0x0667:
    case 0x06F7:
    case 0x07C7:
    case 0x096D:
    case 0x09ED:
    case 0x0A6D:
    case 0x0AED:
    case 0x0B6D:
    case 0x0BED:
    case 0x0C6D:
    case 0x0CED:
    case 0x0D6D:
    case 0x0E57:
    case 0x0ED7:
    case 0x0F27:
    case 0x1047:
    case 0x1097:
    case 0x136F:
    case 0x17E7:
    case 0x17F7:
    case 0x1817:
    case 0x194D:
    case 0x19D7:
    case 0x1A87:
    case 0x1A97:
    case 0x1B57:
    case 0x1BB7:
    case 0x1C47:
    case 0x1C57:
    case 0x2077:
    case 0x2087:
    case 0x2166:
    case 0x2176:
    case 0x2466:
    case 0x247A:
    case 0x248E:
    case 0x24FB:
    case 0x277C:
    case 0x2786:
    case 0x2790:
    case 0x3027:
    case 0x3226:
    case 0x3286:
    case 0x3B4D:
    case 0x4E03:
    case 0x67D2:
    case 0x6F06:
    case 0xA627:
    case 0xA6EC:
    case 0xA8D7:
    case 0xA907:
    case 0xA9D7:
    case 0xAA57:
    case 0xABF7:
    case 0xFF17:
    case 0x1010D:
    case 0x104A7:
    case 0x10E66:
    case 0x11058:
    case 0x1106D:
    case 0x12405:
    case 0x1240C:
    case 0x12412:
    case 0x1241B:
    case 0x12429:
    case 0x12441:
    case 0x12442:
    case 0x12443:
    case 0x1D366:
    case 0x1D7D5:
    case 0x1D7DF:
    case 0x1D7E9:
    case 0x1D7F3:
    case 0x1D7FD:
    case 0x1F108:
    case 0x20001:
        return (double) 7.0;
    case 0x0F2D:
        return (double) 7.0/2.0;
    case 0x215E:
        return (double) 7.0/8.0;
    case 0x1378:
    case 0x10116:
    case 0x10E6F:
    case 0x11061:
    case 0x1D36F:
        return (double) 70.0;
    case 0x1011F:
    case 0x10E78:
        return (double) 700.0;
    case 0x10128:
        return (double) 7000.0;
    case 0x10131:
        return (double) 70000.0;
    case 0x0038:
    case 0x0668:
    case 0x06F8:
    case 0x07C8:
    case 0x096E:
    case 0x09EE:
    case 0x0A6E:
    case 0x0AEE:
    case 0x0B6E:
    case 0x0BEE:
    case 0x0C6E:
    case 0x0CEE:
    case 0x0D6E:
    case 0x0E58:
    case 0x0ED8:
    case 0x0F28:
    case 0x1048:
    case 0x1098:
    case 0x1370:
    case 0x17E8:
    case 0x17F8:
    case 0x1818:
    case 0x194E:
    case 0x19D8:
    case 0x1A88:
    case 0x1A98:
    case 0x1B58:
    case 0x1BB8:
    case 0x1C48:
    case 0x1C58:
    case 0x2078:
    case 0x2088:
    case 0x2167:
    case 0x2177:
    case 0x2467:
    case 0x247B:
    case 0x248F:
    case 0x24FC:
    case 0x277D:
    case 0x2787:
    case 0x2791:
    case 0x3028:
    case 0x3227:
    case 0x3287:
    case 0x516B:
    case 0x634C:
    case 0xA628:
    case 0xA6ED:
    case 0xA8D8:
    case 0xA908:
    case 0xA9D8:
    case 0xAA58:
    case 0xABF8:
    case 0xFF18:
    case 0x1010E:
    case 0x104A8:
    case 0x10E67:
    case 0x11059:
    case 0x1106E:
    case 0x12406:
    case 0x1240D:
    case 0x12413:
    case 0x1241C:
    case 0x1242A:
    case 0x12444:
    case 0x12445:
    case 0x1D367:
    case 0x1D7D6:
    case 0x1D7E0:
    case 0x1D7EA:
    case 0x1D7F4:
    case 0x1D7FE:
    case 0x1F109:
        return (double) 8.0;
    case 0x1379:
    case 0x10117:
    case 0x10E70:
    case 0x11062:
    case 0x1D370:
        return (double) 80.0;
    case 0x10120:
    case 0x10E79:
        return (double) 800.0;
    case 0x10129:
        return (double) 8000.0;
    case 0x10132:
        return (double) 80000.0;
    case 0x0039:
    case 0x0669:
    case 0x06F9:
    case 0x07C9:
    case 0x096F:
    case 0x09EF:
    case 0x0A6F:
    case 0x0AEF:
    case 0x0B6F:
    case 0x0BEF:
    case 0x0C6F:
    case 0x0CEF:
    case 0x0D6F:
    case 0x0E59:
    case 0x0ED9:
    case 0x0F29:
    case 0x1049:
    case 0x1099:
    case 0x1371:
    case 0x17E9:
    case 0x17F9:
    case 0x1819:
    case 0x194F:
    case 0x19D9:
    case 0x1A89:
    case 0x1A99:
    case 0x1B59:
    case 0x1BB9:
    case 0x1C49:
    case 0x1C59:
    case 0x2079:
    case 0x2089:
    case 0x2168:
    case 0x2178:
    case 0x2468:
    case 0x247C:
    case 0x2490:
    case 0x24FD:
    case 0x277E:
    case 0x2788:
    case 0x2792:
    case 0x3029:
    case 0x3228:
    case 0x3288:
    case 0x4E5D:
    case 0x5EFE:
    case 0x7396:
    case 0xA629:
    case 0xA6EE:
    case 0xA8D9:
    case 0xA909:
    case 0xA9D9:
    case 0xAA59:
    case 0xABF9:
    case 0xFF19:
    case 0x1010F:
    case 0x104A9:
    case 0x10E68:
    case 0x1105A:
    case 0x1106F:
    case 0x12407:
    case 0x1240E:
    case 0x12414:
    case 0x1241D:
    case 0x1242B:
    case 0x12446:
    case 0x12447:
    case 0x12448:
    case 0x12449:
    case 0x1D368:
    case 0x1D7D7:
    case 0x1D7E1:
    case 0x1D7EB:
    case 0x1D7F5:
    case 0x1D7FF:
    case 0x1F10A:
    case 0x2F890:
        return (double) 9.0;
    case 0x0F2E:
        return (double) 9.0/2.0;
    case 0x137A:
    case 0x10118:
    case 0x10341:
    case 0x10E71:
    case 0x11063:
    case 0x1D371:
        return (double) 90.0;
    case 0x10121:
    case 0x1034A:
    case 0x10E7A:
        return (double) 900.0;
    case 0x1012A:
        return (double) 9000.0;
    case 0x10133:
        return (double) 90000.0;
    return -1.0;

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 4 of file unicodetype_db.h.

unsigned char index1[] [static]

Definition at line 193 of file unicodetype_db.h.

unsigned char index2[] [static]

Definition at line 698 of file unicodetype_db.h.