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typestruct.h File Reference

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struct  _typeobject


typedef struct _typeobject PyTypeObject

Class Documentation

struct _typeobject

Definition at line 1 of file typestruct.h.

Collaboration diagram for _typeobject:
Class Members
allocfunc tp_alloc
PyBufferProcs * tp_as_buffer
PyMappingMethods * tp_as_mapping
PyNumberMethods * tp_as_number
PySequenceMethods * tp_as_sequence
struct _typeobject * tp_base
PyObject * tp_bases
int tp_basicsize
Py_ssize_t tp_basicsize
PyObject * tp_cache
ternaryfunc tp_call
inquiry tp_clear
destructor tp_dealloc
destructor tp_del
descrgetfunc tp_descr_get
descrsetfunc tp_descr_set
PyObject * tp_dict
long tp_dictoffset
Py_ssize_t tp_dictoffset
char * tp_doc
const char * tp_doc
long tp_flags
freefunc tp_free
getattrfunc tp_getattr
getattrofunc tp_getattro
struct PyGetSetDef * tp_getset
hashfunc tp_hash
initproc tp_init
inquiry tp_is_gc
int tp_itemsize
Py_ssize_t tp_itemsize
getiterfunc tp_iter
iternextfunc tp_iternext
struct PyMemberDef * tp_members
struct PyMethodDef * tp_methods
PyObject * tp_mro
PyObject_VAR_HEAD char * tp_name
PyObject_VAR_HEAD const char * tp_name
newfunc tp_new
printfunc tp_print
reprfunc tp_repr
void * tp_reserved
richcmpfunc tp_richcompare
setattrfunc tp_setattr
setattrofunc tp_setattro
reprfunc tp_str
PyObject * tp_subclasses
traverseproc tp_traverse
unsigned int tp_version_tag
PyObject * tp_weaklist
long tp_weaklistoffset
Py_ssize_t tp_weaklistoffset

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _typeobject PyTypeObject