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python3.2  3.2.2
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class  turtle.Vec2D
class  turtle.ScrolledCanvas
class  turtle._Root
class  turtle.TurtleScreenBase
class  turtle.Terminator
 End of Tkinter - interface ###. More...
class  turtle.TurtleGraphicsError
class  turtle.Shape
class  turtle.Tbuffer
class  turtle.TurtleScreen
class  turtle.TNavigator
class  turtle.TPen
class  turtle._TurtleImage
class  turtle.RawTurtle
class  turtle._Screen
class  turtle.Turtle


namespace  turtle


def turtle.config_dict
def turtle.readconfig
def turtle.__methodDict
 helper functions for Scrolled Canvas, to forward Canvas-methods to ScrolledCanvas class
def turtle.__methods
def turtle.__forwardmethods
def turtle._onclick
 def _dot(self, pos, size, color): """may be implemented for some other graphics toolkit"""
def turtle._onrelease
def turtle._ondrag
def turtle._onscreenclick
def turtle._onkeyrelease
def turtle._onkeypress
def turtle._listen
def turtle._ontimer
def turtle._createimage
def turtle._drawimage
def turtle._setbgpic
def turtle._type
def turtle._pointlist
def turtle._setscrollregion
def turtle._rescale
def turtle._resize
def turtle._window_size
def turtle.mainloop
def turtle.textinput
def turtle.numinput
def turtle.speed
 three dummy methods to be implemented by child class:
def turtle._tracer
def turtle._delay
def turtle._newLine
 three dummy methods to be implemented by child class:
def turtle._update
def turtle._color
def turtle._colorstr
def turtle.Screen
 Screen - Singleton ########################.
def turtle._getpen
def turtle._getscreen
def turtle.write_docstringdict
def turtle.read_docstrings
def turtle.getmethparlist
def turtle._turtle_docrevise
def turtle._screen_docrevise
def turtle.switchpen
def turtle.demo1
def turtle.demo2


string turtle._ver = "turtle 1.1b- - for Python 3.1 - 4. 5. 2009"
list turtle._tg_classes
list turtle._tg_screen_functions
list turtle._tg_turtle_functions
list turtle._tg_utilities = ['write_docstringdict', 'done']
tuple turtle.__all__
list turtle._alias_list
dictionary turtle._CFG
tuple turtle.__stringBody
 turtle.Canvas = TK.Canvas
 turtle.fd = forward
 turtle.bk = back
 turtle.backward = back
 turtle.rt = right = left
 turtle.position = pos
 turtle.setpos = goto
 turtle.setposition = goto
 turtle.seth = setheading
 turtle.width = pensize
 turtle.up = penup
 turtle.pu = penup
 turtle.pd = pendown
 turtle.down = pendown = showturtle = hideturtle
 turtle.RawPen = RawTurtle
 turtle.Pen = Turtle
list turtle._LANGUAGE = _CFG["language"]
tuple turtle.defstr
 The following mechanism makes all methods of RawTurtle and Turtle available as functions.
 turtle.done = mainloop