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class  test.test_urllib2net.AuthTests
class  test.test_urllib2net.CloseSocketTest
 Disabled at the moment since there is no page under which could be used to HTTP authentication. More...
class  test.test_urllib2net.OtherNetworkTests
class  test.test_urllib2net.TimeoutTest
class  test.test_urllib2net.HTTPSTests


namespace  test.test_urllib2net


def test.test_urllib2net._retry_thrice
def test.test_urllib2net._wrap_with_retry_thrice
def test.test_urllib2net.test_urlwithfrag
 def test_cnri(self): if socket.gethostname() == 'bitdiddle': localhost = '' elif socket.gethostname() == '': localhost = 'localhost' else: localhost = None if localhost is not None: urls = [ 'file://%s/etc/passwd' % localhost, 'http://%s/simple/' % localhost, 'http://%s/digest/' % localhost, 'http://%s/not/found.h' % localhost, ]
def test.test_urllib2net.test_custom_headers
def test.test_urllib2net.test_sites_no_connection_close
def test.test_urllib2net._test_urls
def test.test_urllib2net._extra_handlers
def test.test_urllib2net.test_main


 test.test_urllib2net.ssl = None
int test.test_urllib2net.TIMEOUT = 60
tuple test.test_urllib2net._urlopen_with_retry

Class Documentation

class test::test_urllib2net::AuthTests
Tests urllib2 authentication features.

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