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python3.2  3.2.2
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sysmodule.h File Reference
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 PyAPI_FUNC (PyObject *) PySys_GetObject(const char *)
 PyAPI_FUNC (int) PySys_SetObject(const char *
PyObjectPyAPI_FUNC (void) PySys_SetArgv(int
 Py_GCC_ATTRIBUTE ((format(printf, 1, 2)))
 PyAPI_DATA (PyObject *) _PySys_TraceFunc


PyObject wchar_t wchar_t int

Function Documentation

Py_GCC_ATTRIBUTE ( (format(printf, 1, 2))  )
PyAPI_FUNC ( PyObject ) const
PyAPI_FUNC ( int  ) const

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 24 of file sysmodule.h.

PyObject wchar_t wchar_t int

Definition at line 13 of file sysmodule.h.