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python3.2  3.2.2
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class  pydoc.ErrorDuringImport
class  pydoc.Doc
class  pydoc.HTMLRepr
class  pydoc.HTMLDoc
class  pydoc.TextRepr
class  pydoc.TextDoc
class  pydoc._PlainTextDoc
class  pydoc.Helper
class  pydoc.Scanner
class  pydoc.ModuleScanner


namespace  pydoc


def pydoc.pathdirs
def pydoc.getdoc
def pydoc.splitdoc
def pydoc.classname
def pydoc.isdata
def pydoc.replace
def pydoc.cram
def pydoc.stripid
def pydoc._is_some_method
def pydoc.allmethods
def pydoc._split_list
def pydoc.visiblename
def pydoc.classify_class_attrs
def pydoc.ispackage
def pydoc.source_synopsis
def pydoc.synopsis
def pydoc.importfile
def pydoc.safeimport
def pydoc.pager
def pydoc.getpager
def pydoc.plain
def pydoc.pipepager
def pydoc.tempfilepager
def pydoc.ttypager
def pydoc.plainpager
def pydoc.describe
def pydoc.locate
def pydoc.resolve
def pydoc.render_doc
def pydoc.doc
def pydoc.writedoc
def pydoc.writedocs
def pydoc.apropos
def pydoc.serve
def pydoc.gui
def pydoc._start_server
def pydoc._url_handler
def pydoc.browse
def pydoc.ispath
def pydoc.cli


list pydoc.__all__ = ['help']
string pydoc.__author__ = "Ka-Ping Yee <>"
string pydoc.__date__ = "26 February 2001"
string pydoc.__version__ = "$Revision$"
string pydoc.__credits__
tuple pydoc._re_stripid = re.compile(r' at 0x[0-9a-f]{6,16}(>+)$', re.IGNORECASE)
tuple pydoc.text = TextDoc()
tuple pydoc.plaintext = _PlainTextDoc()
tuple pydoc.html = HTMLDoc()
tuple = Helper()