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xml Namespace Reference


namespace  dom
namespace  etree
namespace  parsers
namespace  sax


list __all__ = ["dom", "parsers", "sax", "etree"]

Detailed Description

Core XML support for Python.

This package contains four sub-packages:

dom -- The W3C Document Object Model.  This supports DOM Level 1 +

parsers -- Python wrappers for XML parsers (currently only supports Expat).

sax -- The Simple API for XML, developed by XML-Dev, led by David
       Megginson and ported to Python by Lars Marius Garshol.  This
       supports the SAX 2 API.

etree -- The ElementTree XML library.  This is a subset of the full
       ElementTree XML release.

Variable Documentation

list xml.__all__ = ["dom", "parsers", "sax", "etree"]

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