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tkinter.scrolledtext Namespace Reference


class  ScrolledText


def example


list __all__ = ['ScrolledText']

Detailed Description

A ScrolledText widget feels like a text widget but also has a
vertical scroll bar on its right.  (Later, options may be added to
add a horizontal bar as well, to make the bars disappear
automatically when not needed, to move them to the other side of the
window, etc.)

Configuration options are passed to the Text widget.
A Frame widget is inserted between the master and the text, to hold
the Scrollbar widget.
Most methods calls are inherited from the Text widget; Pack, Grid and
Place methods are redirected to the Frame widget however.

Function Documentation

Definition at line 44 of file

00045 def example():
00046     from tkinter.constants import END
00048     stext = ScrolledText(bg='white', height=10)
00049     stext.insert(END, __doc__)
00050     stext.pack(fill=BOTH, side=LEFT, expand=True)
00051     stext.focus_set()
00052     stext.mainloop()

Variable Documentation

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