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python3.2  3.2.2
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test.test_richcmp Namespace Reference


class  Number
class  Vector
class  VectorTest
class  NumberTest
class  MiscTest
class  DictTest
class  ListTest


def test_main


dictionary opmap

Function Documentation

Definition at line 328 of file

00329 def test_main():
00330     support.run_unittest(VectorTest, NumberTest, MiscTest, DictTest, ListTest)

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
00001 {
00002     "lt": (lambda a,b: a< b,, operator.__lt__),
00003     "le": (lambda a,b: a<=b, operator.le, operator.__le__),
00004     "eq": (lambda a,b: a==b, operator.eq, operator.__eq__),
00005     "ne": (lambda a,b: a!=b,, operator.__ne__),
00006     "gt": (lambda a,b: a> b,, operator.__gt__),
00007     "ge": (lambda a,b: a>=b,, operator.__ge__)
00008 }

Definition at line 87 of file