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python3.2  3.2.2
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test.test_file Namespace Reference


class  AutoFileTests
class  CAutoFileTests
class  PyAutoFileTests
class  OtherFileTests
class  COtherFileTests
class  PyOtherFileTests


def test_main

Function Documentation

Definition at line 332 of file

00333 def test_main():
00334     # Historically, these tests have been sloppy about removing TESTFN.
00335     # So get rid of it no matter what.
00336     try:
00337         run_unittest(CAutoFileTests, PyAutoFileTests,
00338                      COtherFileTests, PyOtherFileTests)
00339     finally:
00340         if os.path.exists(TESTFN):
00341             os.unlink(TESTFN)

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