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python3.2  3.2.2
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test.test_dummy_thread Namespace Reference


class  LockTests
class  MiscTests
class  ThreadTests


def test_main


int DELAY = 0

Detailed Description

Generic thread tests.

Meant to be used by dummy_thread and thread.  To allow for different modules
to be used, test_main() can be called with the module to use as the thread
implementation as its sole argument.

Function Documentation

def test.test_dummy_thread.test_main (   imported_module = None)

Definition at line 171 of file

00172 def test_main(imported_module=None):
00173     global _thread, DELAY
00174     if imported_module:
00175         _thread = imported_module
00176         DELAY = 2
00177     if support.verbose:
00178         print()
00179         print("*** Using %s as _thread module ***" % _thread)
00180     support.run_unittest(LockTests, MiscTests, ThreadTests)

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 15 of file