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rlcompleter Namespace Reference


class  Completer


def get_class_members


list __all__ = ["Completer"]

Detailed Description

Word completion for GNU readline 2.0.

This requires the latest extension to the readline module. The completer
completes keywords, built-ins and globals in a selectable namespace (which
defaults to __main__); when completing NAME.NAME..., it evaluates (!) the
expression up to the last dot and completes its attributes.

It's very cool to do "import sys" type "sys.", hit the
completion key (twice), and see the list of names defined by the
sys module!

Tip: to use the tab key as the completion key, call

    readline.parse_and_bind("tab: complete")


- Exceptions raised by the completer function are *ignored* (and
generally cause the completion to fail).  This is a feature -- since
readline sets the tty device in raw (or cbreak) mode, printing a
traceback wouldn't work well without some complicated hoopla to save,
reset and restore the tty state.

- The evaluation of the NAME.NAME... form may cause arbitrary
application defined code to be executed if an object with a
__getattr__ hook is found.  Since it is the responsibility of the
application (or the user) to enable this feature, I consider this an
acceptable risk.  More complicated expressions (e.g. function calls or
indexing operations) are *not* evaluated.

- When the original stdin is not a tty device, GNU readline is never
used, and this module (and the readline module) are silently inactive.

Function Documentation

Definition at line 152 of file

00153 def get_class_members(klass):
00154     ret = dir(klass)
00155     if hasattr(klass,'__bases__'):
00156         for base in klass.__bases__:
00157             ret = ret + get_class_members(base)
00158     return ret
00160 try:
    import readline

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Variable Documentation

list rlcompleter.__all__ = ["Completer"]

Definition at line 39 of file