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python3.2  3.2.2
pynche.TypeinViewer Namespace Reference


class  TypeinViewer

Detailed Description

TypeinViewer class.

The TypeinViewer is what you see at the lower right of the main Pynche
widget.  It contains three text entry fields, one each for red, green, blue.
Input into these windows is highly constrained; it only allows you to enter
values that are legal for a color axis.  This usually means 0-255 for decimal
input and 0x0 - 0xff for hex input.

You can toggle whether you want to view and input the values in either decimal
or hex by clicking on Hexadecimal.  By clicking on Update while typing, the
color selection will be made on every change to the text field.  Otherwise,
you must hit Return or Tab to select the color.