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pynche.TextViewer Namespace Reference


class  TextViewer


string ADDTOVIEW = 'Text Window...'

Detailed Description

TextViewer class.

The TextViewer allows you to see how the selected color would affect various
characteristics of a Tk text widget.  This is an output viewer only.

In the top part of the window is a standard text widget with some sample text
in it.  You are free to edit this text in any way you want (BAW: allow you to
change font characteristics).  If you want changes in other viewers to update
text characteristics, turn on Track color changes.

To select which characteristic tracks the change, select one of the radio
buttons in the window below.  Text foreground and background affect the text
in the window above.  The Selection is what you see when you click the middle
button and drag it through some text.  The Insertion is the insertion cursor
in the text window (which only has a background).

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