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python3.2  3.2.2
pynche.Switchboard Namespace Reference


class  Switchboard

Detailed Description

Switchboard class.

This class is used to coordinate updates among all Viewers.  Every Viewer must
conform to the following interface:

    - it must include a method called update_yourself() which takes three
      arguments; the red, green, and blue values of the selected color.

    - When a Viewer selects a color and wishes to update all other Views, it
      should call update_views() on the Switchboard object.  Note that the
      Viewer typically does *not* update itself before calling update_views(),
      since this would cause it to get updated twice.

Optionally, Viewers can also implement:

    - save_options() which takes an optiondb (a dictionary).  Store into this
      dictionary any values the Viewer wants to save in the persistent
      ~/.pynche file.  This dictionary is saved using marshal.  The namespace
      for the keys is ad-hoc; make sure you don't clobber some other Viewer's

    - withdraw() which takes no arguments.  This is called when Pynche is
      unmapped.  All Viewers should implement this.

    - colordb_changed() which takes a single argument, an instance of
      ColorDB.  This is called whenever the color name database is changed and
      gives a chance for the Viewers to do something on those events.  See
      ListViewer for details.

External Viewers are found dynamically.  Viewer modules should have names such
as  If such a named module has a module global variable called
ADDTOVIEW and this variable is true, the Viewer will be added dynamically to
the `View' menu.  ADDTOVIEW contains a string which is used as the menu item
to display the Viewer (one kludge: if the string contains a `%', this is used
to indicate that the next character will get an underline in the menu,
otherwise the first character is underlined). should contain a class called FooViewer, and its constructor
should take two arguments, an instance of Switchboard, and optionally a Tk
master window.