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python3.2  3.2.2
importlib.test.regrtest Namespace Reference


list exclude

Detailed Description

Run Python's standard test suite using importlib.__import__.

Tests known to fail because of assumptions that importlib (properly)
invalidates are automatically skipped if the entire test suite is run.
Otherwise all command-line options valid for test.regrtest are also valid for
this script.

  * test_import
- test_incorrect_code_name
    file name differing between __file__ and co_filename (r68360 on trunk)
- test_import_by_filename
    exception for trying to import by file name does not match

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
00001 ['--exclude',
00002                 'test_frozen', # Does not expect __loader__ attribute
00003                 'test_pkg',  # Does not expect __loader__ attribute
00004                 'test_pydoc', # Does not expect __loader__ attribute
00005               ]

Definition at line 23 of file