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python3.2  3.2.2
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idlelib.configHandler Namespace Reference


class  InvalidConfigType
class  InvalidConfigSet
class  InvalidFgBg
class  InvalidTheme
class  IdleConfParser
class  IdleUserConfParser
class  IdleConf


def dumpCfg

Detailed Description

Provides access to stored IDLE configuration information.

Refer to the comments at the beginning of config-main.def for a description of
the available configuration files and the design implemented to update user
configuration information.  In particular, user configuration choices which
duplicate the defaults will be removed from the user's configuration files,
and if a file becomes empty, it will be deleted.

The contents of the user files may be altered using the Options/Configure IDLE
menu to access the configuration GUI (, or manually.

Throughout this module there is an emphasis on returning useable defaults
when a problem occurs in returning a requested configuration value back to
idle. This is to allow IDLE to continue to function in spite of errors in
the retrieval of config information. When a default is returned instead of
a requested config value, a message is printed to stderr to aid in
configuration problem notification and resolution.

Function Documentation

Definition at line 689 of file

00690     def dumpCfg(cfg):
00691         print('\n',cfg,'\n')
00692         for key in cfg:
00693             sections=cfg[key].sections()
00694             print(key)
00695             print(sections)
00696             for section in sections:
00697                 options=cfg[key].options(section)
00698                 print(section)
00699                 print(options)
00700                 for option in options:
                    print(option, '=', cfg[key].Get(section,option))