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python3.2  3.2.2
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idlelib.ScriptBinding Namespace Reference


class  ScriptBinding


string indent_message

Detailed Description

Extension to execute code outside the Python shell window.

This adds the following commands:

- Check module does a full syntax check of the current module.
  It also runs the tabnanny to catch any inconsistent tabs.

- Run module executes the module's code in the __main__ namespace.  The window
  must have been saved previously. The module is added to sys.modules, and is
  also added to the __main__ namespace.

XXX GvR Redesign this interface (yet again) as follows:

- Present a dialog box for ``Run Module''

- Allow specify command line arguments in the dialog box

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
00001 """Error: Inconsistent indentation detected!
00003 1) Your indentation is outright incorrect (easy to fix), OR
00005 2) Your indentation mixes tabs and spaces.
00007 To fix case 2, change all tabs to spaces by using Edit->Select All followed \
00008 by Format->Untabify Region and specify the number of columns used by each tab.
00009 """

Definition at line 32 of file