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idlelib.CodeContext Namespace Reference


class  CodeContext


 getspacesfirstword = \

Detailed Description

CodeContext - Extension to display the block context above the edit window

Once code has scrolled off the top of a window, it can be difficult to
determine which block you are in.  This extension implements a pane at the top
of each IDLE edit window which provides block structure hints.  These hints are
the lines which contain the block opening keywords, e.g. 'if', for the
enclosing block.  The number of hint lines is determined by the numlines
variable in the CodeContext section of config-extensions.def. Lines which do
not open blocks are not shown in the context hints pane.

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
00001 set(["class", "def", "elif", "else", "except", "finally", "for",
00002                     "if", "try", "while", "with"])

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