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python3.2  3.2.2
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idlelib.ClassBrowser Namespace Reference


class  ClassBrowser
class  ModuleBrowserTreeItem
class  ClassBrowserTreeItem
class  MethodBrowserTreeItem


def main

Detailed Description

Class browser.


- reparse when source changed (maybe just a button would be OK?)
    (or recheck on window popup)
- add popup menu with more options (e.g. doc strings, base classes, imports)
- show function argument list? (have to do pattern matching on source)
- should the classes and methods lists also be in the module's menu bar?
- add base classes to class browser tree

Function Documentation

Definition at line 205 of file

00206 def main():
00207     try:
00208         file = __file__
00209     except NameError:
00210         file = sys.argv[0]
00211         if sys.argv[1:]:
00212             file = sys.argv[1]
00213         else:
00214             file = sys.argv[0]
00215     dir, file = os.path.split(file)
00216     name = os.path.splitext(file)[0]
00217     ClassBrowser(PyShell.flist, name, [dir])
00218     if sys.stdin is sys.__stdin__:
00219         mainloop()

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