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python3.2  3.2.2
idlelib.Bindings Namespace Reference


list menudefs
list quitItem = menudefs[0]
list closeItem = menudefs[0]
tuple default_keydefs = idleConf.GetCurrentKeySet()

Detailed Description

Define the menu contents, hotkeys, and event bindings.

There is additional configuration information in the EditorWindow class (and
subclasses): the menus are created there based on the menu_specs (class)
variable, and menus not created are silently skipped in the code here.  This
makes it possible, for example, to define a Debug menu which is only present in
the PythonShell window, and a Format menu which is only present in the Editor

Variable Documentation

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tuple idlelib.Bindings.default_keydefs = idleConf.GetCurrentKeySet()

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