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encodings.ascii Namespace Reference


class  Codec
 Codec APIs. More...
class  IncrementalEncoder
class  IncrementalDecoder
class  StreamWriter
class  StreamReader
class  StreamConverter


def getregentry

Detailed Description

Python 'ascii' Codec

Written by Marc-Andre Lemburg (

(c) Copyright CNRI, All Rights Reserved. NO WARRANTY.

Function Documentation

Definition at line 41 of file

00042 def getregentry():
00043     return codecs.CodecInfo(
00044         name='ascii',
00045         encode=Codec.encode,
00046         decode=Codec.decode,
00047         incrementalencoder=IncrementalEncoder,
00048         incrementaldecoder=IncrementalDecoder,
00049         streamwriter=StreamWriter,
00050         streamreader=StreamReader,
00051     )

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