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python3.2  3.2.2
dummy_threading Namespace Reference


 holding_thread = False
 holding_threading = False
 holding__threading_local = False
list held_thread = sys_modules['_thread']
list held_threading = sys_modules['threading']
list held__threading_local = sys_modules['_threading_local']

Detailed Description

Faux ``threading`` version using ``dummy_thread`` instead of ``thread``.

The module ``_dummy_threading`` is added to ``sys.modules`` in order
to not have ``threading`` considered imported.  Had ``threading`` been
directly imported it would have made all subsequent imports succeed
regardless of whether ``_thread`` was available which is not desired.

Variable Documentation

list dummy_threading.held__threading_local = sys_modules['_threading_local']

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list dummy_threading.held_thread = sys_modules['_thread']

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list dummy_threading.held_threading = sys_modules['threading']

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