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distutils.command.sdist Namespace Reference


class  sdist


def show_formats

Detailed Description


Implements the Distutils 'sdist' command (create a source distribution).

Function Documentation

Print all possible values for the 'formats' option (used by
the "--help-formats" command-line option).

Definition at line 20 of file

00021 def show_formats():
00022     """Print all possible values for the 'formats' option (used by
00023     the "--help-formats" command-line option).
00024     """
00025     from distutils.fancy_getopt import FancyGetopt
00026     from distutils.archive_util import ARCHIVE_FORMATS
00027     formats = []
00028     for format in ARCHIVE_FORMATS.keys():
00029         formats.append(("formats=" + format, None,
00030                         ARCHIVE_FORMATS[format][2]))
00031     formats.sort()
00032     FancyGetopt(formats).print_help(
00033         "List of available source distribution formats:")