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python3.2  3.2.2
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ctypes.test.test_bitfields Namespace Reference


class  BITS
class  C_Test
 for n in "ABCDEFGHIMNOPQRS": print n, hex(getattr(BITS, n).size), getattr(BITS, n).offset More...
class  BitFieldTest


tuple func = CDLL(_ctypes_test.__file__)
tuple signed_int_types = (c_byte, c_short, c_int, c_long, c_longlong)
tuple unsigned_int_types = (c_ubyte, c_ushort, c_uint, c_ulong, c_ulonglong)
 int_types = unsigned_int_types+signed_int_types

Variable Documentation

tuple ctypes.test.test_bitfields.func = CDLL(_ctypes_test.__file__)

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