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_abcoll Namespace Reference


class  Hashable
 ONE-TRICK PONIES ###. More...
class  Iterable
class  Iterator
class  Sized
class  Container
class  Callable
class  Set
class  MutableSet
class  Mapping
class  MappingView
class  KeysView
class  ItemsView
class  ValuesView
class  MutableMapping
class  Sequence
class  ByteString
class  MutableSequence


list __all__
tuple bytes_iterator = type(iter(b''))
 collection related types which are not exposed through builtin ### iterators ##
tuple bytearray_iterator = type(iter(bytearray()))
tuple dict_keyiterator = type(iter({}.keys()))
tuple dict_valueiterator = type(iter({}.values()))
tuple dict_itemiterator = type(iter({}.items()))
tuple list_iterator = type(iter([]))
tuple list_reverseiterator = type(iter(reversed([])))
tuple range_iterator = type(iter(range(0)))
tuple set_iterator = type(iter(set()))
tuple str_iterator = type(iter(""))
tuple tuple_iterator = type(iter(()))
tuple zip_iterator = type(iter(zip()))
tuple dict_keys = type({}.keys())
 views ##
tuple dict_values = type({}.values())
tuple dict_items = type({}.items())
tuple dict_proxy = type(type.__dict__)
 misc ##

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
00001 ["Hashable", "Iterable", "Iterator",
00002            "Sized", "Container", "Callable",
00003            "Set", "MutableSet",
00004            "Mapping", "MutableMapping",
00005            "MappingView", "KeysView", "ItemsView", "ValuesView",
00006            "Sequence", "MutableSequence",
00007            "ByteString",
00008            ]

Definition at line 14 of file

tuple _abcoll.bytearray_iterator = type(iter(bytearray()))

Definition at line 27 of file

tuple _abcoll.bytes_iterator = type(iter(b''))

collection related types which are not exposed through builtin ### iterators ##

Definition at line 26 of file

tuple _abcoll.dict_itemiterator = type(iter({}.items()))

Definition at line 31 of file

tuple _abcoll.dict_items = type({}.items())

Definition at line 42 of file

tuple _abcoll.dict_keyiterator = type(iter({}.keys()))

Definition at line 29 of file

tuple _abcoll.dict_keys = type({}.keys())

views ##

Definition at line 40 of file

tuple _abcoll.dict_proxy = type(type.__dict__)

misc ##

Definition at line 44 of file

tuple _abcoll.dict_valueiterator = type(iter({}.values()))

Definition at line 30 of file

tuple _abcoll.dict_values = type({}.values())

Definition at line 41 of file

tuple _abcoll.list_iterator = type(iter([]))

Definition at line 32 of file

tuple _abcoll.list_reverseiterator = type(iter(reversed([])))

Definition at line 33 of file

tuple _abcoll.range_iterator = type(iter(range(0)))

Definition at line 34 of file

tuple _abcoll.set_iterator = type(iter(set()))

Definition at line 35 of file

tuple _abcoll.str_iterator = type(iter(""))

Definition at line 36 of file

tuple _abcoll.tuple_iterator = type(iter(()))

Definition at line 37 of file

tuple _abcoll.zip_iterator = type(iter(zip()))

Definition at line 38 of file