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mappings_cn.h File Reference
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struct  _gb18030_to_unibmp_ranges


static const ucs2_t __gb2312_decmap [7482]
static struct dbcs_index [256]
static const ucs2_t __gbkext_decmap [14531]
static const DBCHAR __gbcommon_encmap [23231]
static struct unim_index [256]
static const ucs2_t __gb18030ext_decmap [2729]
static const DBCHAR __gb18030ext_encmap [3227]
static struct
gb18030_to_unibmp_ranges []

Class Documentation

struct _gb18030_to_unibmp_ranges

Definition at line 4051 of file mappings_cn.h.

Class Members
Py_UNICODE first

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 3590 of file mappings_cn.h.

Definition at line 3813 of file mappings_cn.h.

const ucs2_t __gb2312_decmap[7482] [static]

Definition at line 1 of file mappings_cn.h.

const DBCHAR __gbcommon_encmap[23231] [static]

Definition at line 1810 of file mappings_cn.h.

const ucs2_t __gbkext_decmap[14531] [static]

Definition at line 627 of file mappings_cn.h.

struct dbcs_index[256] [static]

Definition at line 573 of file mappings_cn.h.

struct unim_index[256] [static]

Definition at line 3522 of file mappings_cn.h.