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class  inspect.EndOfBlock
class  inspect.BlockFinder


namespace  inspect


def inspect.ismodule
def inspect.isclass
def inspect.ismethod
def inspect.ismethoddescriptor
def inspect.isdatadescriptor
def inspect.ismemberdescriptor
def inspect.isgetsetdescriptor
def inspect.isfunction
def inspect.isgeneratorfunction
def inspect.isgenerator
def inspect.istraceback
def inspect.isframe
def inspect.iscode
def inspect.isbuiltin
def inspect.isroutine
def inspect.isabstract
def inspect.getmembers
def inspect.classify_class_attrs
def inspect.getmro
def inspect.indentsize
def inspect.getdoc
def inspect.cleandoc
def inspect.getfile
def inspect.getmoduleinfo
def inspect.getmodulename
def inspect.getsourcefile
def inspect.getabsfile
def inspect.getmodule
def inspect.findsource
def inspect.getcomments
def inspect.getblock
def inspect.getsourcelines
def inspect.getsource
def inspect.walktree
def inspect.getclasstree
def inspect.getargs
def inspect._getfullargs
def inspect.getargspec
def inspect.getfullargspec
def inspect.getargvalues
def inspect.formatannotation
def inspect.formatannotationrelativeto
def inspect.formatargspec
def inspect.formatargvalues
def inspect.getcallargs
def inspect.getframeinfo
def inspect.getlineno
def inspect.getouterframes
def inspect.getinnerframes
def inspect.currentframe
def inspect.stack
def inspect.trace
def inspect._static_getmro
def inspect._check_instance
def inspect._check_class
def inspect._is_type
def inspect._shadowed_dict
def inspect.getattr_static
def inspect.getgeneratorstate


string inspect.__author__ = 'Ka-Ping Yee <>'
string inspect.__date__ = '1 Jan 2001'
tuple inspect.mod_dict = globals()
int inspect.TPFLAGS_IS_ABSTRACT = 1
tuple inspect.Attribute = namedtuple('Attribute', 'name kind defining_class object')
tuple inspect.ModuleInfo = namedtuple('ModuleInfo', 'name suffix mode module_type')
dictionary inspect.modulesbyfile = {}
dictionary inspect._filesbymodname = {}
tuple inspect.Arguments = namedtuple('Arguments', 'args, varargs, varkw')
tuple inspect.ArgSpec = namedtuple('ArgSpec', 'args varargs keywords defaults')
tuple inspect.FullArgSpec
tuple inspect.ArgInfo = namedtuple('ArgInfo', 'args varargs keywords locals')
tuple inspect.Traceback = namedtuple('Traceback', 'filename lineno function code_context index')
tuple inspect._sentinel = object()
string inspect.GEN_CREATED = 'GEN_CREATED'
string inspect.GEN_RUNNING = 'GEN_RUNNING'
string inspect.GEN_CLOSED = 'GEN_CLOSED'