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gzguts.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include "zlib.h"
#include <fcntl.h>
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struct  gz_state


#define local   static
#define zstrerror()   "stdio error (consult errno)"
#define GZBUFSIZE   8192
#define GZ_NONE   0
#define GZ_READ   7247
#define GZ_WRITE   31153
#define GZ_APPEND   1 /* mode set to GZ_WRITE after the file is opened */
#define LOOK   0 /* look for a gzip header */
#define COPY   1 /* copy input directly */
#define GZIP   2 /* decompress a gzip stream */
#define GT_OFF(x)   (sizeof(int) == sizeof(z_off64_t) && (x) > gz_intmax())


typedef gz_state FARgz_statep


voidp malloc OF ((uInt size))
void free OF ((voidpf ptr))
ZEXTERN gzFile ZEXPORT gzopen64 OF ((const char *, const char *))
ZEXTERN z_off64_t ZEXPORT gzseek64 OF ((gzFile, z_off64_t, int))
ZEXTERN z_off64_t ZEXPORT gztell64 OF ((gzFile))
void ZLIB_INTERNAL gz_error OF ((gz_statep, int, const char *))
unsigned ZLIB_INTERNAL gz_intmax OF ((void))

Class Documentation

struct gz_state

Definition at line 86 of file gzguts.h.

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Class Members
int direct
int eof
int err
int fd
unsigned have
int how
unsigned char * in
int level
int mode
char * msg
unsigned char * next
unsigned char * out
char * path
z_off64_t pos
z_off64_t raw
int seek
unsigned size
z_off64_t skip
z_off64_t start
int strategy
z_stream strm
unsigned want

Define Documentation

#define COPY   1 /* copy input directly */

Definition at line 82 of file gzguts.h.

#define GT_OFF (   x)    (sizeof(int) == sizeof(z_off64_t) && (x) > gz_intmax())

Definition at line 131 of file gzguts.h.

#define GZ_APPEND   1 /* mode set to GZ_WRITE after the file is opened */

Definition at line 78 of file gzguts.h.

#define GZ_NONE   0

Definition at line 75 of file gzguts.h.

#define GZ_READ   7247

Definition at line 76 of file gzguts.h.

#define GZ_WRITE   31153

Definition at line 77 of file gzguts.h.

#define GZBUFSIZE   8192

Definition at line 72 of file gzguts.h.

#define GZIP   2 /* decompress a gzip stream */

Definition at line 83 of file gzguts.h.

#define local   static

Definition at line 40 of file gzguts.h.

#define LOOK   0 /* look for a gzip header */

Definition at line 81 of file gzguts.h.


Definition at line 18 of file gzguts.h.

#define zstrerror ( )    "stdio error (consult errno)"

Definition at line 59 of file gzguts.h.

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 116 of file gzguts.h.

Function Documentation

voidp malloc OF ( (uInt size )
void free OF ( (voidpf ptr )
ZEXTERN gzFile ZEXPORT gzopen64 OF ( (const char *, const char *)  )
unsigned ZLIB_INTERNAL gz_intmax OF ( (void )