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python3.2  3.2.2
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frameobject.h File Reference
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struct  PyTryBlock
struct  _frame


#define PyFrame_Check(op)   (Py_TYPE(op) == &PyFrame_Type)


typedef struct _frame PyFrameObject


 PyAPI_DATA (PyTypeObject) PyFrame_Type
 PyAPI_FUNC (PyFrameObject *) PyFrame_New(PyThreadState *
PyCodeObject PyObject PyObjectPyAPI_FUNC (void) PyFrame_BlockSetup(PyFrameObject *
 PyAPI_FUNC (PyTryBlock *) PyFrame_BlockPop(PyFrameObject *)
 PyAPI_FUNC (PyObject **) PyFrame_ExtendStack(PyFrameObject *
 PyAPI_FUNC (int) PyFrame_ClearFreeList(void)


PyCodeObject PyObject PyObject int

Class Documentation

struct PyTryBlock

Definition at line 11 of file frameobject.h.

Class Members
int b_handler
int b_level
int b_type
struct _frame

Definition at line 17 of file frameobject.h.

Collaboration diagram for _frame:
Class Members
PyObject_VAR_HEAD struct _frame * f_back
PyTryBlock f_blockstack
PyObject * f_builtins
PyCodeObject * f_code
PyObject * f_exc_traceback
PyObject * f_exc_type
PyObject * f_exc_value
PyObject * f_globals
int f_iblock
int f_lasti
int f_lineno
PyObject * f_locals
PyObject * f_localsplus
PyObject ** f_stacktop
PyObject * f_trace
PyThreadState * f_tstate
PyObject ** f_valuestack

Define Documentation

#define PyFrame_Check (   op)    (Py_TYPE(op) == &PyFrame_Type)

Definition at line 58 of file frameobject.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _frame PyFrameObject

Function Documentation

PyAPI_FUNC ( PyObject **  )
PyAPI_FUNC ( int  ) [read]

Definition at line 2410 of file pythonrun.c.

Variable Documentation


Definition at line 68 of file frameobject.h.