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compile.h File Reference
#include "code.h"
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struct  PyFutureFeatures


#define FUTURE_NESTED_SCOPES   "nested_scopes"
#define FUTURE_GENERATORS   "generators"
#define FUTURE_DIVISION   "division"
#define FUTURE_ABSOLUTE_IMPORT   "absolute_import"
#define FUTURE_WITH_STATEMENT   "with_statement"
#define FUTURE_PRINT_FUNCTION   "print_function"
#define FUTURE_UNICODE_LITERALS   "unicode_literals"
#define FUTURE_BARRY_AS_BDFL   "barry_as_FLUFL"
#define PyAST_Compile(mod, s, f, ar)   PyAST_CompileEx(mod, s, f, -1, ar)


 PyAPI_FUNC (PyCodeObject *) PyNode_Compile(struct _node *
 PyAPI_FUNC (PyFutureFeatures *) PyFuture_FromAST(struct _mod *


const char * filename
const char PyCompilerFlagsflags
const char PyCompilerFlags int optimize
const char PyCompilerFlags int
PyArena * 

Class Documentation

struct PyFutureFeatures

Definition at line 17 of file compile.h.

Class Members
int ff_features
int ff_lineno

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#define FUTURE_ABSOLUTE_IMPORT   "absolute_import"

Definition at line 25 of file compile.h.

#define FUTURE_BARRY_AS_BDFL   "barry_as_FLUFL"

Definition at line 29 of file compile.h.

#define FUTURE_DIVISION   "division"

Definition at line 24 of file compile.h.

#define FUTURE_GENERATORS   "generators"

Definition at line 23 of file compile.h.

#define FUTURE_NESTED_SCOPES   "nested_scopes"

Definition at line 22 of file compile.h.

#define FUTURE_PRINT_FUNCTION   "print_function"

Definition at line 27 of file compile.h.

#define FUTURE_UNICODE_LITERALS   "unicode_literals"

Definition at line 28 of file compile.h.

#define FUTURE_WITH_STATEMENT   "with_statement"

Definition at line 26 of file compile.h.

#define PyAST_Compile (   mod,
)    PyAST_CompileEx(mod, s, f, -1, ar)

Definition at line 32 of file compile.h.

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const char PyCompilerFlags int PyArena* arena

Definition at line 35 of file compile.h.

const char* filename

Definition at line 35 of file compile.h.

Definition at line 35 of file compile.h.

Definition at line 35 of file compile.h.