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xmlrpc.client.ProtocolError Class Reference

Indicates an HTTP-level protocol error. More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __repr__
def __str__

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Detailed Description

Indicates an HTTP-level protocol error.

This is raised by the HTTP transport layer, if the server returns an error code other than 200 (OK).

urlThe target URL.
errcodeThe HTTP error code.
errmsgThe HTTP error message.
headersThe HTTP header dictionary.
Indicates an HTTP protocol error.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def xmlrpc.client.ProtocolError.__init__ (   self,

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00210     def __init__(self, url, errcode, errmsg, headers):
00211         Error.__init__(self)
00212         self.url = url
00213         self.errcode = errcode
00214         self.errmsg = errmsg
        self.headers = headers

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Member Function Documentation

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00216     def __repr__(self):
00217         return (
00218             "<ProtocolError for %s: %s %s>" %
00219             (self.url, self.errcode, self.errmsg)
00220             )

def xmlrpc.client.Error.__str__ (   self) [inherited]

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00195     def __str__(self):
00196         return repr(self)

Member Data Documentation

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