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xml.sax.handler.ErrorHandler Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def error
def fatalError
def warning

Detailed Description

Basic interface for SAX error handlers.

If you create an object that implements this interface, then
register the object with your XMLReader, the parser will call the
methods in your object to report all warnings and errors. There
are three levels of errors available: warnings, (possibly)
recoverable errors, and unrecoverable errors. All methods take a
SAXParseException as the only parameter.

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Member Function Documentation

def xml.sax.handler.ErrorHandler.error (   self,

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00033     def error(self, exception):
00034         "Handle a recoverable error."
00035         raise exception

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def xml.sax.handler.ErrorHandler.fatalError (   self,

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00037     def fatalError(self, exception):
00038         "Handle a non-recoverable error."
00039         raise exception

def xml.sax.handler.ErrorHandler.warning (   self,

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00041     def warning(self, exception):
00042         "Handle a warning."
00043         print(exception)
00046 # ===== CONTENTHANDLER =====

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