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xml.dom.xmlbuilder.DocumentLS Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def abort
def load
def loadXML
def saveXML

Static Public Attributes

 async = False

Private Member Functions

def _get_async
def _set_async

Detailed Description

Mixin to create documents that conform to the load/save spec.

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Member Function Documentation

def xml.dom.xmlbuilder.DocumentLS._get_async (   self) [private]

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00340     def _get_async(self):
        return False
def xml.dom.xmlbuilder.DocumentLS._set_async (   self,
) [private]

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00342     def _set_async(self, async):
00343         if async:
00344             raise xml.dom.NotSupportedErr(
00345                 "asynchronous document loading is not supported")

Definition at line 346 of file

00347     def abort(self):
00348         # What does it mean to "clear" a document?  Does the
00349         # documentElement disappear?
00350         raise NotImplementedError(
00351             "haven't figured out what this means yet")

def xml.dom.xmlbuilder.DocumentLS.load (   self,

Definition at line 352 of file

00353     def load(self, uri):
00354         raise NotImplementedError("haven't written this yet")

def xml.dom.xmlbuilder.DocumentLS.loadXML (   self,

Definition at line 355 of file

00356     def loadXML(self, source):
00357         raise NotImplementedError("haven't written this yet")

def xml.dom.xmlbuilder.DocumentLS.saveXML (   self,

Definition at line 358 of file

00359     def saveXML(self, snode):
00360         if snode is None:
00361             snode = self
00362         elif snode.ownerDocument is not self:
00363             raise xml.dom.WrongDocumentErr()
00364         return snode.toxml()

Member Data Documentation

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