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urllib.parse.Quoter Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __repr__
def __missing__

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Detailed Description

A mapping from bytes (in range(0,256)) to strings.

String values are percent-encoded byte values, unless the key < 128, and
in the "safe" set (either the specified safe set, or default set).

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def urllib.parse.Quoter.__init__ (   self,
safe: bytes object.

Definition at line 636 of file

00637     def __init__(self, safe):
00638         """safe: bytes object."""
00639 = _ALWAYS_SAFE.union(safe)

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Member Function Documentation

def urllib.parse.Quoter.__missing__ (   self,

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00645     def __missing__(self, b):
00646         # Handle a cache miss. Store quoted string in cache and return.
00647         res = chr(b) if b in else '%{:02X}'.format(b)
00648         self[b] = res
00649         return res

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00641     def __repr__(self):
00642         # Without this, will just display as a defaultdict
00643         return "<Quoter %r>" % dict(self)

Member Data Documentation

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