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test.test_xmlrpc.ServerProxyTestCase Class Reference

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def setUp
def test_close
def test_transport

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00747     def setUp(self):
00748         unittest.TestCase.setUp(self)
00749         if threading:
00750             self.url = URL
00751         else:
00752             # Without threading, http_server() and http_multi_server() will not
00753             # be executed and URL is still equal to None. 'http://' is a just
00754             # enough to choose the scheme (HTTP)
00755             self.url = 'http://'

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00757     def test_close(self):
00758         p = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(self.url)
00759         self.assertEqual(p('close')(), None)

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00761     def test_transport(self):
00762         t = xmlrpclib.Transport()
00763         p = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(self.url, transport=t)
00764         self.assertEqual(p('transport'), t)
00766 # This is a contrived way to make a failure occur on the server side
# in order to test the _send_traceback_header flag on the server

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