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test.test_xmlrpc.GzipServerTestCase.Transport Class Reference

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def parse_response
def send_content

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 fake_gzip = False

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00695         def parse_response(self, response):
00696             self.response_length=int(response.getheader("content-length", 0))
00697             return xmlrpclib.Transport.parse_response(self, response)

def test.test_xmlrpc.GzipServerTestCase.Transport.send_content (   self,

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00699         def send_content(self, connection, body):
00700             if self.fake_gzip:
00701                 #add a lone gzip header to induce decode error remotely
00702                 connection.putheader("Content-Encoding", "gzip")
00703             return xmlrpclib.Transport.send_content(self, connection, body)
    def setUp(self):

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